DWTS Runner-up Shares Adorable Birthday Message on Partner’s Birthday

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Pixabay Zendaya shared sweet message for Tom Holland's birthday.

“Dancing with the Stars” runner-up Zendaya made an effort to recognize her beau’s birthday recently, and she had fans gushing over it. Tom Holland celebrated his 27th birthday on June 1, noted Teen Vogue, and his gal pal made it clear she was thinking of him on his big day.

Zendaya and Holland first starred together in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in 2016, detailed People, and they became close friends thanks to the experience. Romance rumors swirled for years after that, but the two frequently insisted their dynamic was one of close friends, not romantic partners. That changed several years later when a photographer snapped the two kissing, but they have continued to keep their romance fairly low-profile for the most part. When it comes to birthdays, though, the two entertainers usually get a little mushy in honoring one another. That certainly was the case with Holland’s recent birthday.

Here’s what you need to know:

Zendaya Showed Her Love for Tom Holland on His Birthday

In 2022, Zendaya shared a photo on her Instagram feed showing her cuddling with Holland. “Happiest of birthdays to the one who makes me the happiest,” she wrote. For 2023, she showed her adoration for her beau in her Instagram Stories instead. In one Instagram Story, Zendaya shared a photo of Holland standing on rocks with the ocean behind him. He smiled as the photo was taken, and Zendaya added an emoji with heart eyes to it in the upper corner. People shared a glimpse of that photo, along with a second one Zendaya posted.

In another photo that Zendaya shared, Holland was in the water. He was almost completely underwater, but he held his hands over his head and made a heart with them. Zendaya added a red heart icon in the middle of his hands, but she did not add any additional text to either photo. She did tag Holland in both photos, though, and for fans of the pair, her message seemed clear.

Holland Thanked Fans for Their Birthday Wishes

Holland shared a photo of himself on his Instagram page on his birthday too. “Thank you for all the wonderful birthday messages,” the actor wrote. “A gift from me to you. I thought I’d share possibly the sexiest picture ever taken of me! #sexiestmanalive,” he joked.

The photo showed the “Spider-Man” actor standing on the sand, wearing sunglasses, a helmet, and other water-oriented gear. The caption was clearly Holland making fun of himself, but Zendaya and millions of others showed their love for him. Zendaya’s comment was simply another heart-eyes emoji, but it conveyed more than enough. Nearly 95,000 people “liked” her comment, and in addition, over 700 people commented specifically under Zendaya’s note.

Fans of the couple gushed over the Instagram posts and made it clear they adore Holland and Zendaya together. The birthday love made its way to the Pop Culture Chat subreddit, too, where hundreds showed their love for the couple and dozens posted comments as well.

One Instagram user noted, “These two are so special together. Can they please get married and have the most beautiful babies ever?”

“Never separate please,” someone noted under Zendaya’s comment on Holland’s post.

“Love a girl who hypes their man uppppp,” added another commenter.

A Redditor commented, “I am rooting for them so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I’m usually really good at not being parasocial but I’ll genuinely cry if they break up. They seem so chill and down to earth,” read a note from another Redditor.

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