Denny’s Christmas Eve & Day 2020 Hours & Menu Near Me: Is It Open?

Dennys Christmas

Dennys Denny's is holding a Pancakes for Santa event and offering a free short stack on Christmas Eve.

If you’re hungry for pancakes today, you’re in luck. Denny’s is open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and you can even get free pancakes on Christmas Eve!

Santa called for a press conference at the North Pole this year and his spokeself, North Pole Press Secretary Gordon Pumpernickle, made a shocking announcement: Santa requested pancakes this year instead of cookies and milk! To help give Santa his pancakes, the North Pole announced a partnership with Denny’s. Guests can receive a free shortstack of pancakes when making a purchase online.

Here’s what you need to know:

Denny’s Locations Are Open on Both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Denny’s will be open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, according to a statement provided to Heavy. But before venturing out, check the location near you to be sure of the hours, because some restrictions are still in place due to the coronavirus.

“This holiday, Denny’s is offering free pancakes for delivery on Christmas Eve + is open on Christmas Day! For Christmas Eve + Day hours, guests should check their individual location’s hours as not all are open 24/7 due to the pandemic, but all are open and open for extensive hours,” the statement said.

Call your local Denny’s restaurant or check their specific hours here.

Guests Can Get a Free Shortstack of Pancakes From Denny’s When Placing an Order Online

Santa announced a partnership this year with Denny’s and asked that pancakes be left by the fireplace this year instead of cookies and milk. He wrote a letter to kids and parents to ask for pancakes. It said:

Mommies. Daddies. Children of the world.

As I prepare for my much-anticipated trip around the globe, I’d like to make my first formal request: all I want for Christmas … is PANCAKES!

Now, I know you all mean well when you place your snickerdoodles or gingersnaps or home-baked confectionary delights on a plate by the fireplace – but there are only so many cookies one man can eat in a night. It’s time for a change.

I realize beggars can’t be choosers and I hesitate to disrupt family traditions, but 2020 has been rough on us all. I think my eight socially distanced reindeer and I deserve a little joy to end this year, a little self-care, a token of comfort in a sea of uncertainty. It’s with this sentiment I ask that you kindly put away the cookies and instead leave me a fluffy stack of mouthwatering, perfectly golden, buttermilk pancakes.

The offer is part of the Pancakes for Santa deal. Guests simply place an order on Christmas Eve and enter “Santa” at check out to claim two free pancakes.

“Denny’s is making it easier to leave a short stack by the fire by offering a FREE two-stack of buttermilk pancakes on qualifying orders on Christmas Eve only – simply use the promo code ‘SANTA’ at checkout so they know it’s for him,” a statement provided to Heavy said. “And don’t forget to share your cookie swap via social using #PancakesforSanta so Santa knows he’s been heard!”

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