Are Dollar Stores Open on Thanksgiving 2020?

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It’s Thanksgiving Day. Whether you’re looking for something last-minute to get for your Thanksgiving meal or you’re just wanting to do some shopping after your big feast, you may be interested in visiting a Dollar Store near you. Are your local Dollar Stores, like Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree, open on Thanksgiving Day 2020? Most Dollar stores are open on Thanksgiving, although specific hours may vary by location. In addition, the states of Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island have “blue laws” that prevent retailers from being open on Thanksgiving.

Read on for more details about dollar stores and their Thanksgiving 2020 hours and schedules.

Dollar General Is Open on Thanksgiving Day 2020

Dollar General stores will be open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, according to the corporate account’s Facebook post. Last year in 2019, the stores were open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A Dollar General representative told Heavy previously: “Please note, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island store locations will not be open on Thanksgiving Day, per state laws. Localized store operating hours may be found on the store locator here.”

Keep in mind, however, that local stores’ hours may be different, especially with pandemic regulations and the need to sometimes shorten hours for cleaning protocols. So it would be best if you contacted your local store before heading over, to confirm their hours.

The store will be open for its regular hours on Black Friday.

Dollar General has a lot of great digital coupons right now. You can also check out their weekly ad here. They’re having a lot of Thanksgiving and Black Friday specials too. You can get a taste of what they’re offering here.

Dollar Tree on Thanksgiving Day 2020

Dollar Tree stores are typically open for Thanksgiving. According to their website, store hours have been extended for the holidays, with some locations open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on most days.

A Dollar Tree and Family Dollar representative told Heavy previously: “Stores that are open on holidays typically operate abbreviated hours in order to accommodate our customers shopping for their last-minute needs.”

Because local hours might vary, you should check with your local Dollar Tree to make sure it’s open before you go and to see what the holiday hours are. Find your nearest store’s hours and information here.

You can see Dollar Tree’s holiday catalog here. You can view their weekly ad here.

Family Dollar on Thanksgiving Day 2020

Family Dollar is open Thanksgiving Day in many locations. You should call your local Family Dollar to find out for certain if the store is open on Thanksgiving before heading over. If it is open, hours may be shorter because of the holiday. You can find your local store’s location and hours here.

A Dollar Tree and Family Dollar representative told Heavy: “Stores that are open on holidays typically operate abbreviated hours in order to accommodate our customers shopping for their last-minute needs.”

You can see Family Dollar’s weekly ad here. They’re also offering a Thanksgiving sale to help you decorate for Christmas. This includes sales on potted poinsettias, Christmas tree lights, ornaments, garland, holiday housewares and decor. They’re having a toy sale too.

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