WATCH: Doritos 3D’s Super Bowl Commercial 2021

doritos 3d superbowl commercial 2021 flat matthew mcconaughey

YouTube Matthew McConaughey stars in the ad as #FlatMatthew.

Doritos has released its star-studded Super Bowl commercial, which features a very “flat” Matthew McConaughey.

The brand revealed its 60-second-commercial on February 2, which shows the actor in 2D carrying out his daily activities. Doritos previously teased the commercial with the hashtag #FlatMatthew and now the viewers can finally see what it means.

McConaughey finally fluffs back up to 3D at the end of the clip after eating some Doritos 3D Crunch.

The ad is set to run during the first quarter of the game, which airs on CBS on February 7.

You can watch the ad below:

The Commercial Shows McConaughey Struggling to Accomplish His Activities Because He’s Flat

Doritos 3D | Flat Matthew Super Bowl LVWho's ready for a little dimension? #Doritos #FlatMatthew2021-02-02T14:03:29Z

Doritos first launched the ad on YouTube with the caption: “Who’s ready for a little dimension?”

It opens with McConaughey getting out of bed in the morning. The actor, who is narrating the ad, says, “Lately, I just haven’t been feeling quite like myself.”

He continues, “Life used to feel fuller.” A scene then shows the 51-year-old being pummeled by a football during a game of catch. Que the song “I Want To Break Free” by Queen.

The viewers then follow McConaughey throughout the rest of his day, which includes getting coffee, walking his dog and failing at vacuuming.

He eventually ends up on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, “where the host and guest Mindy Kaling see the flat man up close,” Ad Age reported.

“Did you drive here, or did you travel by fax?” Kimmel asks.

The actor then buys Doritos 3D Crunch from a vending machine filled with the product. After taking a bite, he blows back up to his normal self.

Doritos Created 2 Interactive Lenses via Snapchat to Engage Viewers

In the hopes of engaging with its viewers following the McConaughey commercial, the brand has created two interactive lenses on Snapchat.

One filter places the vending machine in the background using AR, according to Ad Age. The other allows fans to “flatten” themselves in 2D, similar to that of McConaughey, and then puff back up after visiting the machine, the outlet continued.

TikTok has also created an effect to recreate #FlatMatthew on the app, Ad Age said.

A 3D version of the commercial is now available via Google Cardboard, Doritos announced online. It added that Amazon Prime members can snag a special bag of the product to be delivered.

“Frito-Lay launched Doritos 3D in 1998, with its “Laundromat” spot starring Ali Landry, which came from BBDO. The new version of the product debuted in late December,” Ad Age continued.

The New Spot Is the Latest in a Series of Comedic Spots for Doritos

According to USA Today, the ad “I the latest in a series of comedic spots for Doritos.” The outlet noted that the brand, which is under the Frito-Lay umbrella, last year finished fourth in USA TODAY’s Ad Meter. The meter gauges commercials by their consumer rating and then ranks them, USA Today said.

“We pride ourselves on Doritos Super Bowl commercials bringing smiles to fans’ faces each and every year,” Frito-Lay North America senior vice president and chief marketing officer Rachel Ferdinando said in a news release obtained by the outlet. “And [we] are confident that this year’s #FlatMatthew campaign will deliver once again.”

This isn’t the first time Doritos ranked in the top of USA Today’s rankings. It snagged top spots in the Ad Meter rankings in both 2012 and 2009, the outlet said.

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