Is Eddie Lucas Still With His Girlfriend Amy from Below Deck?

Eddie Lucas

NBCUMV Eddie Lucas from Below Deck

When fans tune into the upcoming season of Below Deck, they may be excited to see that former bosun Eddie Lucas is back! So, what has Lucas been up to since we last saw him on Season 3? Is he still with his girlfriend, Amy?

No, it does not appear that Lucas is still with his former girlfriend, Amy. In honor of Below Deck’s 100th episode, the cast reunited on Watch What Happens Live in January 2020. During the appearance, a fan asked Lucas if he broke up with his girlfriend after he had been hooking up with another woman while working on the boat during Season 3. “No, actually, not right away,” Lucas revealed, according to Bravo. “No, we worked on it for a while. It ended worse than ever.”

While on the show, little was known about his girlfriend, Amy. According to Bustle, his former girlfriend lived in Baltimore, Maryland, and the two enjoyed traveling the world together. However, now, by the looks of his Instagram page, it appears that Lucas is single and perhaps ready to mingle! Lucas has not posted any pictures of himself with a girl in recent months. It’s possible, though, that there will be romance on the boat this season.

Lucas Said That He Took His Job ‘More Seriously’ This Season

During a November 2 interview with Vulture, Lucas talked more about this season and his outlook on having a relationship on the boat. “I screwed up season three,” Lucas told Vulture. “There’s no two ways about it, like, I screwed up. And it was appalling, my actions. I was thinking with the wrong head. So this season, I was going into it with a mindset of being way more professional and taking my job way more seriously, but also my job as a boss. Like, I needed to be a leader. I really wanted to set an example for the whole crew. I just wanted to go in and do the best job that I possibly can as the bosun of My Seanna. Having fun with it was also extremely important. Have fun with the crew, have fun with Captain Lee, and end strong. That’s what I wanted to do, is end strong.”

Lucas also revealed that he didn’t like the way that he left the show on Season 3, in part due to his infidelity. “I wasn’t proud of how I acted and how everything kind of played out, and since then I’ve hopefully learned a lot, and I’ve hopefully grown,” Lucas told Vulture. “[With] Captain Lee also asking for me to come back, I just felt like it was a good opportunity.”

Lucas Seems Excited for the Start of the Season

Lucas seems excited to be back on Below Deck. On September 21, Lucas posted a photo of himself to Instagram announcing that he would be back on the series. In the caption, Lucas wrote, “I’m BACK! Excited to share that I’m on the upcoming season of @belowdeckbravo! Season 8 of #BelowDeck premieres Monday, November 2 on @Bravotv! 🛥”

With Lucas back for another season, Captain Lee Rosbach also seems excited to watch it all play out. On September 21, Rosbach posted an Instagram photo of himself in his uniform. In the caption, Rosbach wrote, “Woo boo. We’re back Nov 2nd. Going into my happy dance. Take a peek into the trailer.”

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