EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jacqueline Toboni star of ‘The L Word: Generation Q’

Getty Images Jacqueline Toboni attends the 2019 E! People's Choice Awards

Jacqueline Toboni one of the stars of “The L Word: Generation Q” sat down with Heavy to speak about season two of the show, how she relates to her character, Finley, and her recent engagement.

Toboni is known for her appearances on Grimm and Easy. She is one of five siblings and is from San Francisco, according to IMDB. “It’s a dream come true, I was a fan of the show when I was younger, I remember this very like specific moment of watching it and thinking, ‘I missed this opportunity, like this is the kind of show I want to be on.’ Then for everything to just come to fruition and the show coming back, and getting to be on the show— God it was just kismet.”

Toboni plays Finley, an executive producer on Alice’s (Leisha Hailey) television show, a couch surfer in Shane’s (Kate Moennig) apartment, and someone who is lost in her own world. In season one of “Generation Q” Finely’s love life fails publicly, and she becomes a little too close with her best friend, Sophie (Rosanny Zayas).

“I think we’ve done a really great job this season, especially in the first two episodes, of seeing both sides. When I watched episode one, I did not think I was going to feel as bad for Dani (Arienne Mandi) as I did, the whole time I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ Reading it, it didn’t have that affect on me, but watching it was so heartbreaking.” says Toboni.

Showtime’s “The L Word: Generation Q” highly anticipated second season premiered on August 6 2021. After the first season, viewers had to wait an extraordinarily long time to find out how the cliff-hanger ending of season one would conclude, due to delays from COVID-19 that effected much of the film and TV industry in March 2020, according to Deadline and Variety. Though “The L Word: Generation Q” was one of the first shows to tackle intimate scenes amid the pandemic, according to The New York Times.

How Are You Like Finely?

“I feel like theres a Finley in every group. This person that doesn’t have the bond or relationship that Dani and Sophie have with each other, or Dani and Micah have, because they previously dated. I think being the kind of floater, it leads to feeling for Finely like the bottom is going to drop out at any moment and I think that dictates her behavior later on as well.” says Toboni.

“I feel like I relate to Finley so much, but I feel like that gives the wrong impression.” Toboni said letting out an infectious laugh, “I’m not doing the stuff Finley is doing, that’s for sure. But I think you know, especially season 1, I grew up religious and I think just having to come to terms with your sexuality and your religious upbringing is something a lot of people go through. So I definitely relate in that way. In other ways I think Finely has a lot more growing up to do before I can relate fully.”

Congratulations on Your Recent Engagement!

“Oh, thank you, it was awesome, it was really fun.” Toboni said immediately lighting up.

Even though a screen, it was clear to see that Toboni was more than overjoyed about sharing the exciting news, “We knew we were going to get engaged, but she was way more shocked than I anticipated she would be. I think I led her astray so she wouldn’t know it was coming, and I think I led her a little too astray. She really didn’t see it coming. And after you’re engaged it just gets better. We’re so happy with a big ass dog.”

What is Coming Up This Season?

“Even in the first season, Finley has got to figure it out. I don’t think anyone is going to stick around not necessarily audience, but relationships, so I think she’s going to get her priorities straight, and she’s got a lot of growing up to do. So we’ll see if she steps of the plate.” says Toboni, “I think we’re coming to a head, you can feel it especially after that first episode of season two.”

“We need authentic queer story telling. There’s more queer stories on TV now than there were when I was growing up, but it seems like its always a B story. So this show it to be A, B, and C, in one show is so nice, at least when I watch it I see thats my community up there. Even now, its just way more open and more people are seeing themselves on screen.” says Toboni.

“It’s a bit of a roller coaster, there’s a lot of humanity this season, especially for Finely. A lot of things that drove me last season were external factors, but there’s a lot of internal stuff going on. And that’s true for Sophie as well. I think there’s a lot of relationship journeys and personal journeys and what you’ll do to get it.” says Toboni, “I think everyone is pretty mad at Finely right now, but with a little more time I think people will be a little more understanding.”

Follow Jacqueline Toboni on Instagram to keep up to date with all of her latest projects, and catch her in “The L Word: Generation Q” Sunday nights on Showtime.

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