EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Stephanie Allynne on her “L Word: Generation Q” Experience

Getty Images Stephanie Allynne (L) and Tig Notaro attend the premiere of Showtime's "The L Word: Generation Q"

Showtime’s “The L Word: Generation Q” highly anticipated second season premiered on August 6 2021. After the first season, viewers had to wait an extraordinarily long time to find out how the cliff-hanger ending of season one would end, due to delays from COVID-19 that effected much of the film and TV industry in March 2020, according to Deadline and Variety. Though “The L Word: Generation Q” was one of the first shows to tackle intimate scenes amid the pandemic, according to The New York Times.

Stephanie Allynne, plays Nat, one of the new additions to “The L Word” world since the reboot of the 2004 original “The L Word” premiered. Nat is introduced as Alice’s (Leisha Hailey) partner, and ex-wife of other “L Word” newcomer Gigi, played by Sepideh Moafi.

Allynne is a comedian, writer, mother, and actress. She is known for comedy film, “In a World…”, as well as her semi-autobiographical series, “One Mississippi” written with her wife, Tig Notaro. Allynne and Notaro are mothers to twins, Max and Finn, born June 26, 2020 via surrogate according to People.

How The L Word Helped Allynne Understand Her Sexuality

“It [The L Word] really is an iconic queer show. The original series meant a lot to me and definitely aided in my understanding of myself and sexuality. And by aided, I mean fully confirmed, “Yep, I’m gay.” A few years later, as a writer on the Amazon series, “One Mississippi,” I even pitched that my character Kate should be watching “The L Word” as she discovers her sexuality. It made it onto the show and now, being on the reboot of “The L Word” feels very full circle.” says Allynne.

Allynne also spoke about why she feels “The L Word” is important for queer audiences, but it shouldn’t end there, “I will speak for myself when I say, there is not enough lesbian content. There is definitely WAY more than ever, but nowhere near where it should be,” says Allynne, “The L Word has always been a show about visibility and inclusion and that is always important.”

What Can Viewers Expect From Nat This Season?

With last season’s throuple drama between Nat, her ex-wife, Gigi, and current partner, Alice, viewers don’t know how Nat and Alice’s relationship will unfold this season, “When it comes to Nat I think it is safe to say you can always expect the unexpected. She always seems to dive head first into the flames. She appears together and rational, but is deeply seeking, exploratory, and wild at heart.” says Allynne. 

Sex has always been a large aspect of “The L Word” since the original came out in 2004, and Allynne was eager to speak about her character Nat’s sex life. (I mean who can forget that scene between Gigi, Alice, and Nat last season?!)

“I think Nat’s sex life is a real reflection of her internal self and I love how highly sexual Nat is, it’s actually my favorite thing about her. It’s so unassuming because she does not lead with sex externally. She has absolutely no game and yet seems to get a lot of action. I love that subtle confidence and unwavering desire. I think Nat is looking for something outside the box because when she was in the box, married with kids to Gigi, it was boring, for both of them.” says Allynne, “And I hope they really like Nat’s new red hair!”

Watch Allynne as Nat on “The L Word: Generation Q” on Sunday nights on Showtime.