Fans Call for Kathryn Dennis to Be Fired from Southern Charm

Kathryn Dennis

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Southern Charm fans are calling for cast member Kathryn Dennis to be fired. On the latest episode of Southern Charm, the ladies responded to some of Dennis’ insensitive remarks back in May. Since Dennis’ comments are featured on the Bravo show, fans are asking Bravo to fire the star.

Dennis got into a social media argument with a Black radio host, Mika Gadsden in May 2019. Dennis claimed she was supporting a “Trump Boat Parade,” and that didn’t make her or her friends racist. Among other Instagram DMs, Dennis told her, “grow a pair. You’re an L 7 weeeeeenieeee. That’s how serious I take this” along with a monkey emoji, as reported by the Blast.

The 29-year-old mother of two immediately received backlash for her comment. Gadsden posted a screenshot of the interaction to her Instagram story and added the caption, “This is what happens when a Black woman in #Charleston speaks up against white supremacy,” according to the Blast.

Around the same time, Dennis’ lineage sparked controversy. Dennis is a direct descendant of John C. Calhoun, the seventh vice president of the United States of America, according to the Daily Dish. Calhoun is known for defending slavery and having slaves himself, and he has a tall statue in Marion Square, Charleston, per CNN. On the latest episode of Southern Charm, Dennis receives backlash for not making a statement against Calhoun.

Bravo Fans Are Calling for Bravo to Fire Dennis

With the new Southern Charm episode airing and reliving the controversy, fans are urging Bravo to fire Dennis. “I have question for you. I’m confused why kathryn is still on southern charm ” one user tweeted when Andy Cohen asked for Southern Charm reunion questions, “Gwen is the only one that held her accountable Woman shrugging.” The user is referring to Gwynn’s, a luxury lifestyle store in Charleston, which fired Dennis as a brand ambassador among the allegations.

Another user wrote, “Bravo says: ‘Race In America: A Movement Not A Moment.’ But they haven’t fired monkey girl Kathryn Dennis #SouthernCharm (they removed offensive episodes from the show, but not offensive people. How many damn plantations do we need to see??”

Some fans also called for Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd to get fired because of various controversial remarks over social media. “Kelly Dodd should fired from #RHOC,” one user tweeted. “It’s not the first time she’s made racist comments. Her and southern charm kathryn Dennis should go!”

Fans Think Dennis Is Held to a Different Standard Than Other Bravo Stars

Shortly after Dennis’ comments were made public, Bravo faced another issue with two cast members from Vanderpump Rules. Former Vanderpump Rules cast member Faith Stowers came forward in early June and said Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute reported her to the police for a crime she had nothing to do with, Bravo told Variety. One week after Stowers made these revelations, Bravo fired Schroeder and Doute.

When Bravo fired Schroeder and Doute – two original cast members and fan favorites – many didn’t understand why Dennis still had her job. A fan tweeted, “Wait…wait..what? Kathryn did that and still has a job but Stassi and Kristen got fired? WTAF?”

“I’m so confused on why Stassi got fired from Bravo for not being nice to someone she doesn’t like and happened to be black,” one Twitter user wrote. “but Kathryn Dennis sent monkey emojis to a black person and is featured on the new season of #SouthernCharm bring back Cam and Chelsea.”

Another user tweeted to Cohen, “why were Stassi & Kristen fired for making now untrue racist remarks to Faith several years ago; but Kathryn Dennis’ extremely racist texts-in 2020 glazed over completely? I love Kathryn & Stassi both but this is clearly bias.”

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