‘FBOY Island’ Contestant’s Work With Famous Influencers Came in Handy

Fboy island

CBS Divij Vaswani of "FBOY Island" says his experience working with influencers prepared him for the show's unique atmosphere.

The new HBO Max series “FBOY Island” tasks three women with distinguishing nice guys from self-proclaimed “fboys” as they look for love on an island paradise.

The male contestants on the show consist of twelve guys who are looking for love and twelve guys looking to charm and lie their way to the $100,000 prize. The female contestants must get to know the guys and hopefully weed out the fboys in order to find true love.

One contestant, Divij Vaswani, is an fboy by his own admission. He wasn’t phased by an environment chock-full of alpha males vying for female attention.

“I work with influencers all day long – these really big personalities – so I wasn’t threatened by any of the other guys because I just know how these kinds of people are,” Vaswani said in an interview with The Wrap.

Vaswani is the CEO of Division Media, a company that partners with social media influencers and celebrities on entertainment-focused marketing campaigns. He’s worked with plenty of social media stars, including YouTubers Logan and Jake Paul.

Vaswani Says Influencers are ‘Narcissistic’

The CEO’s strategy on “FBOY Island” was to act like a chill, nice guy at first and get on everyone’s good side, but then amp up the backstabbing and the sabotage.

He told The Wrap that he took a page from the Influencer handbook and stayed focused on himself when he went on the show.

“[Influencers] are very – I mean, I’m narcissistic too – but everyone’s kind of in their own zone, so I didn’t really pay attention to the other guys, to be honest,” said Vaswani.

When Do New Episodes of ‘FBOY Island’ Air?

The first three episodes of “FBOY Island” are now streaming on HBO Max. Three new episodes will be available on the streaming platform at midnight on Thursday, August 5.

Will the women of Fboy Island (Sarah, Nakia, and CJ) start eliminating fboys or will they assume the nice guys are too good to be true? One thing’s for sure, host Nikki Glaser is sure to deliver some savage one-liners to the departing boys on their way out of the villa.

Glaser also serves as an Executive Producer on the show. In an Instagram post, Glaser wrote, “Sorry to brag, but I’m proud as a pterodactyl of this show.”

How ‘FBOY Island’ Got Its Name

FBOY Island” just might be the most self-aware reality show since the fictional “MILF Island” on 30 Rock. The show’s creator, Elan Gale, says he got the idea for the show when he realized that no other reality shows were reflecting the true dilemma of modern dating: there might be plenty of fish in the sea, but some of those fish are f***boys.

“On dating shows, what the leads are presented with is, there’s a number of people and they’re all really great. But for those of us who have dated, we know the dating pool is usually like, here’s a number of people, some are great and some are not,” Gale told Salon.

Gale also says he knew the show’s provocative name was a big risk, but also felt it captured what the show was all about. “Luckily, we live at this moment in this amazing age of streamers. HBO Max stepped up and said let’s do something crazy, and they let us do it,” he said.

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