Float ‘N’ Grill on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Float N Grill Shark Tank

ABC Entrepreneurs Mikey Bashawaty and Jeremy Quillico pitch their company, Float N Grill, on "Shark Tank."

Entrepreneurs Mikey Bashawaty and Jeremy Quillico took their company, Float ‘N’ Grill, and their products, to the sharks on ABC’sShark Tank” to see if they could get one of them to invest in the company.

According to the episode synopsis, “Entrepreneurs from Plymouth, Michigan, take outdoor dining to another level when they float their grilling product idea by the Sharks.”

The entrepreneurs were able to pitch their product to Sharks Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky.

Here’s what you should know about Float ‘N’ Grill on “Shark Tank”:

1. The Entrepreneurs Came Up With the Idea in 2016

According to MLive, entrepreneurs Mikey Bashawaty and Jeremy Quillico came up with the idea for Float N Grill in 2016 after not being able to find a product that fit their needs.

“We did our research and nothing like this existed,” Bashawaty told the outlet. “We started this project together. We share it 50/50. I managed the design and Jeremy pushed forward for a patent.”

They launched their company officially in 2019 and first showed the public at the 2019 Detroit Boat Show at Cobo Center in February of that year, according to MLive.

2. The Float ‘N’ Grill is a Floating Grill

According to the company website, the Float ‘N’ Grill is a grill designed to be used in the water. The grill itself is detachable from the flotation device for easy cleaning.

The product has three built-in cupholders and two tow hooks that can be used to tie it down or tow it behind a boat.

The Float N Grill comes with the floating base, a propane grill, support brackets and instructions. The propane for the grill itself is not included.

3. The Product Can Be Purchased Online

At the time of writing, the Float ‘N’ Grill can be purchased online from the company’s website.

The product costs $229.00 and comes in either red or blue. At the time of writing, orders placed have a ship date of about five to seven days after purchase and can only be sent to people in the U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii. The FAQ page says that the company is working on shipping internationally.

The Float ‘N’ Grill has two reviews on the company website, and they are both five stars and mention that the product makes the summer better.

4. The Entrepreneurs Say Being on ‘Shark Tank’ Was an ‘Adrenaline Rush’

In an interview with Hometown Life, Bashawty talked about the experience of being on “Shark Tank,” and he told the outlet he almost passed out after filming.

“I’ve never had an adrenaline rush like that,” he told the outlet. “[It was] just an insane experience.”

The two entrepreneurs had applied to be on the show twice, but they finally got on after submitting their third application.

5. The Float ‘N’ Grill Was Created Out of Necessity

According to interviews with Hometown Life and MLive, the Float ‘N’ Grill was created because the entrepreneurs had access to a boat that only fit three or four people and a small cooler. Because they wanted to spend time in the water but also have cooked food, they came up with the idea.

“When we got there, the jet boat fit three, maybe four people and it was very tight,” Bashawaty told Hometown Life. “So I was like, ‘You know what? Why don’t we build a grill that floats in the water?'”

Tune in to “Shark Tank” to see if Float ‘N’ Grill can score a deal from one of the Sharks.

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