Where Was Hallmark’s ‘The Perfect Bride 2: Wedding Bells’ Filmed?

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Hallmark premiered a new movie in 2018 that was absolutely delightful: The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells. It’s the sequel to the 2017 movie The Perfect Bride. And if the first one was any indication, this one will be absolutely adorable. While watching the movie, you’ll also notice that there are some really pretty scenes with quite the eye-catching landscape moments. Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith reprise their roles for this movie. Read on to learn more about where The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells was filmed, along with other stories about the filming.

The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells was filmed in Canada, including in Abbotsford and in Langley, British Columbia in April. Locations include Coulter Court in Fort Langley, Agape Bridal on South Fraser Way in Abbotsford, and Champagne & Lace on South Fraser Way in Abbotsford.

Here are more details.

On April 26 and 27, the movie filmed in Abbotsford.

The main locations in Abbotsford were Champagne & Lace and Agape Bridal.

The bridal store Agape Bridal is likely one of the places where the character Molly White looked for her dress. In real life, the store has some pretty amazing selections. It looks like filming might have extended a little beyond April 26 and 27, judging by these Facebook posts:

Here’s a look at the inside of the store and the outside. Fun fact: they just moved to this new location a few months before the movie was filmed there! Does it look familiar to you?

Champagne & Lace is another bridal shop featured in the movie. You can see thier post about being closed for filming here.

And another Abbotsford location:

Here are some more photos from behind the scenes:

We don’t know yet if Molly’s house will be featured again in this movie, but Kerry from I’ve Scene It on Hallmark wrote a story about her home in the movie and even visited it. The first movie was primarily filmed in downtown Vancouver, but Molly’s house was located in Fort Langley, BC. It was a simple white two-story home with an adorable white picket fence, built in 2010. Many other movies have shot scenes in this neighborhood, she shared, including My Boyfriend’s Dogs, Convenient Groom, Bride for Christmas, and Looks Like Christmas. 

In an interview with Starry Mag, Hutton said that she was really nervous about teaching bootcamp classes for the movie, since her character is a bootcamp instructor. “I am an avid work outer,” she said. “I go to the gym a lot and hike a lot… I do a lot of bootcamp classes, but it is very different doing the classes as opposed to teaching the classes. I was very nervous about teaching the class, remembering my lines and being inspirational – all the things that go into teaching exercise bootcamp classes. So, I was really terrified of it, but I think they turned out really well.”

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