Will Alison Sweeney & ‘Murder She Baked’ Return to Hallmark?

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A new mystery movie series premiered in February 2019 on Hallmark starring Alison Sweeney. But now that she’s on Chronicle Mysteries, many Hallmark Movies & Mysteries fans are wondering what this means for the beloved mystery series she was on before, called Murder She Baked.

In February 2019, Hallmark Said There Were No Current Plans for New Movies

Unfortunately, at this time it appears that Murder She Baked isn’t coming back any time soon. Hallmark has not announced an official end or cancelation to the series. But on January 6, 2019, a fan asked Hallmark Movies & Mysteries about Murder She Baked after the page posted about Chronicle Mysteries, and Hallmark didn’t indicate that any new movies were coming soon.

Then just about a month later, on February 6, 2019, a fan asked the same question again. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries wrote back: “Hi Teri, we don’t have any info on a new Murder She Baked movie at the moment, but we’ll update this page if we have news.”


So this means Hallmark doesn’t have any plans to make a new installment in the movie series.

Sweeney Said ‘Never Say Never’ About Continuing the Series

In an interview with International Business Times in 2019, Sweeney echoed the same sentiment. “Never say never,” she said about a new series. She said she’s focusing on the new series but leaving the door open for a new installment of Murder She Baked. However, it doesn’t appear there are any plans for a new series at this time.

Mathison Said He’d Love a New Movie

In the 2019 Christmas Con, Cameron Mathison said he would love to be in a new Murder She Baked movie, International Business Times reported.

He said about the possibility of new movies: “I hope so. There aren’t any more planned right now. Allison [Sweeney] has sort of created her own mysteries series, and, me, being on Home & Family, it really only allows me to do hopefully one, maybe two movies a year. So, for all that timing to work out, the stars would have to align in the perfect way. We want to, but things just kind of shift and change, and people are working on different things. So, if the stars align, it’ll happen. I think this will happen, I just don’t know when.”

The Book Series’ Author Is Still Publishing New Books

If you’re missing the series, you can follow the book series’ author, Joanne Fluke, on Facebook. She’s still writing new books, including Chocolate Cream Pie Murder which released in February 2019. When someone asked her about the Hallmark series in October 2018, Fluke just wrote: “You can leave a post for them (Hallmark) on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hallmarkmoviesandmysteries/when it might return, or just to ask them to make the next MurderSheBaked movie NOW! lol.”

In December 2020, Joanne Fluke posted on Facebook that she was releasing a sneak peek recipe that would appear in a new Hannah Swensen book one day.

In October 2020, she released her newest book: “Christmas Cupcake Murder.” And in July 2020, she shared on Facebook that Hallmark was hosting a Murder She Baked movie marathon.

In late September 2018, Fluke wrote on Facebook: “As it stands, it will be up to Hallmark Movies and Mysteries if and when they will release the next installment of the Murder She Baked movies.”


Fluke also said that she would love to release a new cookbook, but that decision is up to her publisher.

Hallmark has made five Murder She Baked movies, and fans would really love to see more. You can learn all about the movies on Hallmark’s page here.

Fans are disappointed that a new movie isn’t being planned, especially since they were hoping for a wedding-themed movie.

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