Hallmark’s ‘Love Under the Rainbow’: Details on Where It Was Filmed & Behind-the-Scenes Photos

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Hallmark’s movie, Love Under the Rainbow, brings Jodie Sweetin and David Haydn-Jones to the screen in an adorable movie with some really fun scenes at an aquarium. Read on to learn all about the Hallmark movie, how to watch it, where it was filmed, and all about the cast.

How To Watch ‘Love Under the Rainbow’

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Love Under the Rainbow premiered Saturday, March 9, 2019. Encores still air, including 8 a.m. Central on The Hallmark Channel on January 23.

To find out what channel Hallmark is on for you, click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then change the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your local provider. You’ll be able to scroll down to see what channel Hallmark is on for you.

The synopsis for the movie reads: “Lucy wasn’t sure if she would find true love, until Jack moves to town with his daughter Sophie. Together they teach her it’s never too late to start chasing rainbows!”

Another synopsis reads: “Jack, a widower raising 10-year-old Sophie, keeps running into Lucy, her teacher, and soon they’re smitten. But whenever their talk gets personal Jack backs off and Lucy fears he’ll break her heart. And it looks like he might, especially after Sophie runs into Jack’s arms sobbing after a field trip chasing rainbows…”

‘Love Under the Rainbow’ Was Filmed in Canada

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Love Under the Rainbow was filmed in Canada in MarchDaily Hive reported that they saw Jodie Sweetin in Vancouver filming the movie. Their cameras spotted her on one of her off days touring downtown. IMDB lists the filming locations as Vancouver and British Columbia.

But of course, you can pick up more details from Instagram posts by the cast and crew. Anthony Ames shared this wrap photo in Langley, British Columbia. He plays Brian in the movie.

And Mason McKenzie shared this photo from British Columbia on the last day on the set.

Writer Kirsten Hansen shared this photo from the last day.

The Cast for ‘Love Under the Rainbow’

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Jodie Sweetin stars as Lucy Taylor. Her many previous credits include Full House, Fuller House (Stephanie Tanner), Hollywood Darlings (Jodie), My Perfect Romance, Finding Santa, Walt Before Mickey, Defending Santa, Singled out, Can’t Get Arrested (Jodie), and more.

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David Haydn-Jones stars as Jack Evans. He’s been on numerous Hallmark movies including Bridal Wave, A Cookie Cutter Christmas, and more. His other film and TV appearances include Dear Santa, The Gabby Douglas Story, The Toyman Killer, Fatal Trust, Rumours, Modern Family, Mistresses, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Judging Amy, White House Down, All Alone, The Last Kiss, and Supernatural. This past year he was on A Bramble House Christmas. 

Peter Benson plays Kevin. Writer Kirsten Hansen said on Instagram that he was one of her favorite characters in the movie. “He quotes Hugh Grant, and he takes the comedy and heart to a whole notha level. It was our third time working together… and he always brings the mega laughs!”

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A post shared by Dakota Guppy (@dakotaguppy) on Feb 14, 2019 at 3:43pm PST

Dakota Guppy plays Jack’s daughter Sophie. She previously played a younger Jodie Sweetin on the Unauthorized Full House Story. Her first job, at the age of six, was Alcatraz, she told My Devotional Thoughts. Her first Hallmark movie was In My Dreams. She was also on The Returned and Travelers. 

Mason McKenzie plays Ryan, Sophie’s friend. You may remember him as one of the Wyatt brothers on When Calls the Heart. He’s also on Project Blue Book. Mason told My Devotional Thoughts, “Ryan is a smart kid who likes to invent things… Most of my scenes were with them (Dakota and Emily Delahunty) because we’re all friends in the story and I hang out with them. I knew both of them because of auditioning, but it was my first time to work with Dakota. I had actually worked with Emily in a commercial.”

Emily Delahunty plays Maya. Her previous credits include A Series of Unfortunate Events, Wonder, Project Mc2, The Buddy Games, The Whistler, Mech-X4, Descendants 2, Scout & the Gumboot Kids, Jane Doe, Santa’s Little Helper, The Whispers, Motive, and more.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Donna Christie (Mary)
  • Garry Chalk (Paul)
  • Rebecca Davis (Dana)
  • Brendon Zub (Ben)
  • Anthony Ames (Brian)
  • Sunita Prasad (Cassidy)
  • Mark Brandon (Brad)
  • Tosca Baggoo (Principal Stevens)
  • Sam Krochmal (Barista in Training)
  • Phillip Reed (Stanley)
  • Zen Lim (Running Group Guide)

Here are some more photos to get you in the Hallmark mood:

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