‘Good Witch’ Weddings: Comparing Cassie’s First Wedding to Her Second

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Cassie got married on Good Witch in Season 5, but this was actually her second wedding. If you’ll recall, Cassie has been married before and had a wedding that was featured on Hallmark years earlier. This post will explore what happened to her first husband and compare her second wedding to her first one. This post will have spoilers for Season 5 Episodes 1 and 2 of Good Witch along with previous seasons. 

Cassie’s First Wedding Dress vs Her Second

Here’s a good look at the wedding dress Cassie is wearing in Season 5.

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She was also married in Good Witch‘s movie The Good Witch’s Gift. In that movie, she and her first husband Jake had less than a week to plan a Christmas Eve wedding. That movie premiered more than 10 years ago in 2009.

Here’s a look at her dress in 2009 when Cassie was first married.

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Her dress was very different than her dress in Season 5.

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Here’s a look at her vows in her second wedding:

Sam and Cassie – Their Wedding VowsFootage taken from Good Witch Season 5 Episode 2: The Forever Tree, Part 22019-06-11T16:27:24Z

Both dresses are beautiful.

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Jake Was Killed in the Line of Duty

So what exactly happened to her first husband Jake? He was killed in the line of duty, after the actor who played him couldn’t commit to a TV series because he was already committed to a different TV series.

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Cassie’s first husband, Jake Russell, was chief of police in Middleton. He was a widower himself – his first wife Jennifer having died three years before Good Witch premiered. Jennifer died of cancer. Jennifer and Jake had two children: Brandon and Lori Russell. Brandon Russell was in a band for a while but eventually returned to Middleton and joined the police department, following in his dad’s footsteps. He appeared on Good Witch in 2014 when he was in The Good Witch’s Wonder, which was the last time Jake was on the show too. But he was also in early seasons when he decided to become a police officer.

Lori became a journalist in the Good Witch universe. She last appeared in the TV series in 2015, where she and Cassie were still close. The actress has been seen since on Murdoch Mysteries. 

Jake and Cassie were married in The Good Witch’s Gift. They have one daughter: Grace.

The Good Witch's GiftCassandra “Cassie” Nightingale always has a few tricks up her sleeve, but is surprised when her handsome fiancé, chief of police Jake Russell, proposes they set their wedding date for Christmas Eve—only six days away!2015-01-05T21:21:44Z

In the show, Jake was killed in the line of duty, which left Cassie a widow. This was explored in the episode “Starting Over … Again,” where Cassie returned home to Middleton from Jake’s memorial ceremony.

Jake was killed because the actor who played him, Chris Potter, couldn’t commit to the TV series. Catherine Bell said that he was already committed to the Canadian series Heartland. “We tried very hard for months…but we couldn’t get him back from his other show.” That was when the show realized they had to kill off Jake and start the story new.

Chris Potter is still starring as Tim Fleming on Heartland, which has been airing since 2007. He plays the role of Tim Fleming and has appeared in episodes in 2021 too. So although his loss was hard for Good Witch, the show Heartland was glad to keep him around for a long time.

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