‘Chesapeake Shores’: Why Was Season 4 So Short & Only Six Episodes?

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The finale of Season 4 of Chesapeake Shores aired last year, but fans are still talking about how short the season was. Why did the Hallmark show end so early after only six episodes? Read on to learn more.

Hallmark Said the Show Ended Early Because the Writers Thought Six Episodes Was the Right Length This Season

The Hallmark Channel answered questions on Facebook about why the show was ending early. It didn’t appear to be because of any cancelation concerns.


On Facebook, a fan asked why the show was ending early. Hallmark answered: “When the writers came up with this year’s storyline it was decided it could be told best with 6 episodes.” This answer was shared the day before the Season 4 finale. One fan responded: “Thank you for responding… I don’t like the response… but thank you.”


There wasn’t any elaboration beyond that statement. An article from late July, posted by the Post-Gazette, shared a little more. Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of Hallmark programming, talked to the press during the Television Critics Association press tour this summer. She said the shortened season was not an indication of a cancelation coming up. She also said that the new movies that Jesse Metcalf and Erin Krakow are working on have no bearing on the seasons of Chesapeake Shores or When Calls the Heart.

She said: “[This] was absolutely not a reflection of anything other than the logistics that go into making a series… Our audience loves to see these actors, much like you like to see your favorite actors in a series week after week. … It’s more of taking it to the next level as opposed to indicating any sort of distancing from any of the other series.”

A new spinoff movie for Chesapeake Shores is also in the works. The spinoff movie was announced in February and it will star the O’Brien sisters (Meghan Ory, Emilie Ullerup and Laci Mailey.) This movie’s going to take place in the winter. Here’s the synopsis:

With the winter weather dreary in Chesapeake Shores and their own love lives in a complicated state, Abby (Ory), Bree (Ullerup) and Jess (Mailey), adventure to Rome for the wedding of a childhood friend. While in Rome, they discover the wedding plans are in complete chaos and the bride may have a case of pre-wedding jitters because she has gone missing. In an attempt to find the bride, the O’Brien sisters scour the sites of Rome and work to create a happily ever after, while ultimately realizing the romance they each deserve back home in Chesapeake Shores.”

But despite the upcoming movie, fans are still unhappy about a shorter season. They’ve been talking about it in responses to Hallmark posts on Facebook.



As one fan pointed out, Season 1 had nine episodes and Seasons 2 and 3 had 10 episodes. Some wondered if the shorter season was because When Calls the Heart was delayed a month, forcing Good Witch to start a month late. This then caused Chesapeake Shores to start about a month later this season too. Others have speculated that it’s because of the spinoff movie, and the show can’t move too far ahead in the plot because they need to leave room for the movie’s story.

All Hallmark has said officially, however, is that the decision was made by the writers and they felt it was the best decision for this current season’s storyline.

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