Where Was Hallmark’s ‘A Timeless Christmas’ Filmed?

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The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie in its 2020 Countdown to Christmas lineup is A Timeless Christmas. The movie premieres November 15 at 8 p.m. Eastern, and then will air encores throughout the season. Starring Erin Cahill and Ryan Paevey, this movie brings a time travel element to the film that Hallmark fans will love. But where was the time-traveling movie filmed? What locations were featured?

‘A Timeless Christmas’ Was Filmed in Canada, Including at Hycroft Manor

A Timeless Christmas was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and nearby areas in August. The movie wrapped in early September. Because of the pandemic, a lot of precautions had to be taken. Cahill shared this photo at the end of filming:

One of the set locations was Hycroft Manor in Vancouver.

Hycroft Manor is a historic venue located in Vancouver. The manor was built by General Alexander Duncan McRae in 1907, costing $110,000 for the 30-room house, Vancouver Is Awesome shared. It was completed in 1911, more than 100 years ago. This also lends more credibility to the movie’s 100-year timeline. Lavish parties were once held there until around 1941, including a New Year’s Eve masquerade ball. The home was later donated to the federal government to be a veterans hospital during World War II, and was eventually bought by the University Women’s Club in 1962. The UWC spent five years restoring the home.

Today, Hycroft Manor can also be a wedding venue, where the Manor provides its own chef and catering team.

Cahill and Paevey both enjoyed working with each other. Paevey wrote on Twitter after the first day of filming on August 17: “I can officially say with authority, having just wrapped day one, that she’s gonna make this thing magical. Lucky folk we are to have her. ; )”

Cahill replied: “I feel like the LUCKIEST lady to walk alongside you in this beautiful movie @RyanPaevey! Joyful to be working with you and @HRHOliver1!”

The Director Shared Some Great Behind-the-Scenes Moments

Ron Oliver is directing the movie and he was given this jacket that was similar to the one that Paevey wore.

Here’s a funny behind-the-scenes photo:

Filming also took place in Clayburn, Abbotsford, where Oliver was able to find his favorite Patsy’s pasta sauce, he shared.

Paevey shared that among the safety precautions taken before filming, he had to quarantine. He made jewelry while quarantining, he wrote on Instagram.

He said he missed his best friend’s children while quarantining.

Paevey and Cahill recently guest starred on Home & Family to talk about the movie.

They did a Facebook live together too and answered fans’ questions.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Brandi Alexander (Amber)
  • Zahf Paroo (Dan)
  • Nelson Wong (Kenny Kwon)
  • Michael St. John Smith (Greg)
  • Karen Kruper (Sharon)
  • Kerry James (Nathan)
  • Dean Redman (Sheriff)
  • David Bloom (Mayor)
  • Anne Marie Deluise (Rosie – 1903)
  • Kate Boutilier (Visitor 1)
  • James Rha (Visitor 2)
  • Cecilia Grace Deacon (Eliza – 1903)
  • Mark Gash (Fredericks – 1903)
  • Tristan Shire (Harold Moran – 1903)
  • Cameron MacLeod (Auctioneer – 1903)
  • Joe Costa (Sal)
  • Jennifer Kitchen (Ms. Cardigan)
  • Mike Carpenter (Stunt Coordinator)

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