‘A Whitewater Romance’ Star Forced to Face Major Fear While Filming

Benjamin Hollingsworth and Cindy Busby on "A Whitewater Romance"

Hallmark/Heavy Benjamin Hollingsworth and Cindy Busby on "A Whitewater Romance"

Hallmark’s newest movie, “A Whitewater Romance,” featured some breathtaking scenes and plenty of outdoor adventure. But for one Hallmark star, the movie also involved facing a big fear. And they’re not the first. Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott have both talked about feeling scared about their Hallmark movies.

Busby Said She ‘Conquered’ a Fear of Whitewater Rafting

In a Facebook Live interview with Hallmark, Cindy Busby talked about her experience filming the movie. She revealed that even though part of the movie focused on whitewater rafting, she had actually never gone whitewater rafting before.

“That was such an incredible day,” she said. “The temperature was stunning. It was beautiful. It was warm and the water was cold… It was my first time ever whitewater rafting and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity because it was just so much fun all day on the boat, on the water. I did it and I was a little bit nervous and I kind of conquered the fear, which is huge.”

Busby Also Faced a Fear While Filming ‘Chasing Waterfalls’

When Busby filmed “Chasing Waterfalls” with her co-star Christopher Russell, she had to face another fear during production. Busby told AfterBuzzTV that filming the movie was a beautiful experience, but she had to face her fear of heights to get some of the shots they needed.

“Sitting on a cliff in a lot of these scenes in this movie is conquering a fear because I’m actually quite scared of heights,” she told AfterBuzzTV. “I get that whole vertigo thing and it doesn’t feel comfortable so doing that was something in and of itself.”

Lacey Chabert Was Terrified to Film a Scene in ‘Groundswell’

Busby isn’t the only Hallmark star to face a big fear in order to make a movie. Lacey Chabert has previously revealed that she was terrified when she filmed a scene in the Hallmark movie “Groundswell.”

The zip-lining scene scared her, she revealed in a tweet.

Chabert wrote, “I was terrified at first of zip-lining. It ended up being one of the most fun things I’ve ever done!!”

In a video that she shared on Instagram, she elaborated, sharing that just like Busby, she’s scared of heights too.

In a comment she added, “I was scared! But oh my goodness was it fun.”

Brennan Elliott Was Scared to Film ‘The Gift of Peace’

Brennan Elliott has previously shared that he was scared to film “The Gift of Peace,” but for a very different reason.

In an interview with TV Fanatic, he opened up about how he felt when he first read the script. He said he was scared, but his wife Cami encouraged him to go ahead and make the movie.

“There were a couple of scripts that came across my desk, and this was one that I read, and it scared me, to be perfectly honest,” he said. “When I first read it, I thought, wow. It’s a testament to Hallmark’s diversifying content, going deeper on certain movies… I actually had my wife read it, and she told me, ‘You really should do this. There are people out there going through real struggles and dealing with a lot of pain, and this might serve as a healing tool and give them a little hope.'”

He said that because he really tries to get personal with his movies, this one in particular was scary to him.

“It scares the life out of me,” he said, explaining his reactions when he first read the screenplay. “…I knew what it was like to lose someone and to be in grief. I know what it’s like even to be faced with the fear of anticipatory grief… Obviously, as a caregiver for my wife’s illness, it hit home in some ways that scared me. But at the same time, those are the ones you want to do.”

In March, Elliott’s wife revealed on her private Instagram account that her cancer has returned. She was first diagnosed with cancer in 2018. Brennan Elliott has asked Hallmark fans to keep his wife in their prayers.

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