Where Was ‘A Winter Getaway’ Filmed? See Locations & Cast Photos

Where Was A Winter Getaway Filmed?

Crown Media Where Was A Winter Getaway Filmed?

Hallmark’s newest movie, A Winter Getaway, premiered on Saturday, January 23 at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central) and will air encores multiple times this season. The movie stars Nazneen Contractor and Brooks Darnell. Here’s what you need to know about where it was filmed and the cast who brought the movie to life.

‘A Winter Getaway’ Was Filmed in These Stunning Canadian Locations

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The movie was filmed in November and wrapped in early December. Originally called Love in the Alps and Love in the Rockies, the movie was filmed in Canada, including Calgary, Alberta, and Southport and Winnipeg in Manitoba.

According to IMDb, filming locations included Winnipeg. They filmed in Southport, Manitoba specifically for an airplane hangar scene at Southport Aerospace Centre, Atlas of Wonders reported.


Contractor shared these photos while filming, tagged in Kananaskis Country.

While in Winnipeg, she shared that she can’t live without her Starbucks on set.

One of the filming locations was in front of Art Country Canada’s gallery.

The curling rink scene was filmed at Winnipeg’s Granite Curling Club, Atlas of Wonders reported.

Breathtaking Hotel & Gondola Scenes Were Filmed in Banff

Crown MediaA Winter Getaway

The town of Banff in Banff National Park in Alberta was another filming location. This beautiful town boasts breathtaking scenery and mountain views.

Brooks told After Buzz TV that filming in Banff was the icing on the cake. Getting to their filming location required an hour’s trip from Calgary and then 45 minutes up a mountain.

Crown MediaA Winter Getaway

Brooks said: “The mountains are so huge. They are humbling because you get up in the mountain and see everything surrounding you. So you see a lot of peaks, valleys, and mountain tops. Where we shot it was built in the 1800s as a tourist destination and it’s built into the mountain but it’s an actual castle. So it has a lot of history and the railway still goes by there… If you are a winter person or even if you are not a winter person it will humble you and it’s a place you have to go.”

Crown MediaA Winter Getaway

Atlas of Wonders reported that another location was at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, which was built in 1888. The main characters’ lunch on an outdoor terrace with a stunning view was filmed at this hotel. You can book a stay there, and the venue is also open for weddings and other events. (Hallmark’s Chateau Christmas was filmed at another beauitful Fairmont hotel, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.)

The gondola lift scene took place at the Banff Gondola Lift and the Sky Bistro on Sulphur Mountain, Atlas of Wonders reported.

Meet the Main Cast

The synopsis for the movie reads: “When an average guy is gifted a luxury trip, he is mistaken as a millionaire. But then sparks fly with the lovely concierge. Will she feel the same way about him when she learns the truth?”

Crown Media Nazneen Contractor

Nazneen Contractor is Courtney.

Before this movie was filmed, Contractor starred in The Christmas Ring and was the first South Asian lead on a Hallmark Channel movie, Anokhi Life reported.

She told Anokhi Life: “Being the first East Indian lead of a Hallmark Christmas movie is such a thrill. I loved everything about the role and my ethnicity is incidental to the story. Honestly, Hallmark could’ve gone with any ethnicity for this role, the fact that they went East Indian is a watershed moment. I am always so proud to represent my culture and heritage on screen.”

Crown MediaBrooks Darnell

Brooks Darnell is Joe. Darnell was recently in Hallmark’s A Christmas Miracle in 2019 with Tamera Mowry Housley.

He loves photography and said that capturing life in Los Angeles is one of his favorite things to do.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Erik Athavale (Gabe)
  • Daina Leitold (Dana)
  • Stephanie Sy (Julie)
  • Jacob Blair (Alan)
  • Cliff Sumter (Chauffeur)
  • Heath Vermette (Pilot)
  • Mitra Lohrasb (Laura)
  • Vanessa Mitchell (Server)
  • Dutchess Cayetano (Flight Attendant)
  • Shafin Karim (Gary)
  • Danic Muchnik (Sophie)
  • Tom Soares (Hotel Manager)
  • Andrew MacDonald-Smith (Sommelier)
  • Daniel Yip (Maitre’d)
  • Brenda Gorlick (Gallery Owner)
  • Elena Howard-Scott (Cassie)
  • Kevin Klassen (Chef Andre)
  • Mariam Bernstein (Olga)
  • Paul Essiembre (Paul)
  • Tom Keenan (Curling Instructor)
  • Jodi Kristjanson (Amy)
  • Neil Shah (Alex)
  • Ryan Northcott (Brewery Owner)
  • Sean Hoy (Dogsled Guide)

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