Abigail’s Son Cody Seen on ‘When Calls the Heart’ Set

Abigail and Cody on When Calls the Heart

Crown Media Abigail and Cody on When Calls the Heart

Abigail’s son Cody, played by Carter Ryan, has been missing from Hope Valley ever since Lori Loughlin was dropped from the Hallmark series “When Calls the Heart.” But fans recently noticed that Ryan visited the set of “When Calls the Heart,” even posting a photo from his visit. Fans hoped this meant that Cody was returning to the series, but the Jamestown Movie Set Instagram account explained the real reason for Ryan’s presence when answering a fan question.

Carter Ryan Recently Visited the WCTH Set

Carter Ryan (formerly Carter Ryan Evancic) was last seen on “When Calls the Heart” in 2019’s episode, “Heart of a Mountie.”

“When Calls the Heart” is filmed at the Jamestown movie set in Canada, a 96-acre land in Langley, British Columbia, that was formerly called MacInnes Farms, shared I’ve Scene It on Hallmark. Recent social media posts from both Carter and the Jamestown Movie Set show him back on the “When Calls the Heart” set.

Ryan shared the Instagram post below on June 20.

He wrote: “What a cool pic 😎! Hey bro @jaiven_natt look who’s taller now 😉 #hearties #cody #robert #hopevalleyboys #lookinback @wcth_tv @hallmarkchannel @schearthome Repost: @jamestownmovie We just HAD to redo this pose to show the growth in both boys. Such a fun day! They grow up so fast! Hallmark Super Channel Heart & Home When Calls the Heart #hopevalleyboys #Cody #Robert #hearties”

His post was a re-share of an original post shared by the Jamestown Movie Set’s Instagram account. He and Jaiven Natt, who plays Robert on “When Calls the Heart,” redid a pose from when they were on the set when they were younger. Neither character is dressed for a part on “When Calls the Heart,” so the photo wasn’t taken while filming.

A few people responded to the photo and asked Ryan if this meant he was coming back to the show. He didn’t reply to any of the questions indicating one way or the other.

The Jamestown Movie Set’s Instagram Account Explained He Was There for a Visit & Not for Filming

On the original post, the Jamestown Movie Instagram account shared that the photos weren’t from filming the new season. Ryan was only visiting the set for fun.


The account wrote: “I think everyone would love that! However this was simply a visit to the movie set to have some fun together. :)”

Many fans commented that they wished Ryan would return as Cody to the show someday.

The Instagram account also shared this fun photo of the two actors from the same visit.

The account shared that it would be “so awesome” if Cody could return one day.


The Jamestown Movie Set made it clear that they wish both Abigal and Cody could return one day.


When they shared the same photo on their official Facebook account, Wendy MacInnes (who owns the farm) said that Ryan’s dad used to help harvest barley at the set sometimes, and the MacInnes family would love to see Ryan back on the show.

MacInnes wrote: “These 2 young men are the best of friends and we have always welcomed them to our farm. WCTH created special friends for us. Carter’s Dad even helped harvest the barley and Mom and kids served up food to the hungry people. Of course the MacInnes family wants Carter back.”

In a different post, MacInnes added that she believes Cody is old enough now to return to Hope Valley by himself, even if Abigail isn’t back. Ryan is 14, Jamestown Movie Set shared on Facebook.


In another post, she encouraged fans to let Hallmark know that they want Cody back on the series.

In a podcast interview, Bird shared that “When Calls the Heart” will start shooting season 9 in about six weeks from when he recorded the interview. Because the interview took place on June 14, this puts the start of filming as happening roughly around the week of July 19-23.

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