Alexa PenaVega Shares Tough Life Update: ‘Already Crying… Without My Beautiful Family’

Alexa PenaVega

Getty Alexa PenaVega attends an event in Los Angeles.

Hallmark stars Alexa PenaVega and her husband Carlos PenaVega are facing a challenging and unusual situation in their marriage right now, and she admitted she had already been crying about it before sharing it with fans. Much of the time, the married entertainers work and travel together as they raise their three children. However, right now, they find themselves having to spend a chunk of time apart.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alexa PenaVega Will Be Away From Her Family for 3 Weeks

On November 5, Alexa shared a pair of photos on her Instagram page and added a heartfelt caption. “Well I’m off! And already crying. 23 days without my beautiful family by my side,” she began. The photos Alexa shared included a selfie showing her with Carlos and a separate photo showing their three kids together. Alexa explained, “We try our best to not leave for more than two weeks if we have to. But sometimes that’s just not possible.” It seems Alexa is traveling away from her family for a work project, and it’s unusual that the family cannot coordinate to keep their separations shorter.

Alexa also noted, “It’s moments like these that just remind me of how blessed I am and how much I love all of my stinkers.” The Hallmark star added a silly emoji, three black hearts, and a double pink heart to the end of her caption. Her post was “liked” by more than 150,000 fans who wanted to show their support for her, and about 250 people commented on the Instagram post as well. In response to one commenter, Alexa added that she was headed to Bulgaria for this project. “It was easier on the kids and Carlos to stay behind instead of stuck in the hotel room,” she explained of the family separating while she needed to travel internationally to work.

Most of Alexa’s Fans Were Supportive of Her

Most of the comments Alexa received on her Instagram post were supportive. There were some critical notes, but they were very much in the minority.

“Someone’s got to say it…. No job is ever worth leaving your babies for. You will REGRET it,” wrote one person. That comment only received one like from someone else.

“Awww if it helps, it always seems longer to you than to them! I had to travel for work too and I just wanted to be home in those moments. Stay strong. You got this!” a supportive fan wrote.

“You are not alone, you have them in your heart and you have God to protect you. Don’t worry, just think about the good times… God will be with them to watch over and before you know it, you will be home in a flash,” added another supporter.

“It is absolutely so precious how much your family loves being together. It is so rare to see the kind of love you and Los have for one another and your children. I love to see love,” gushed someone else.

Alexa’s fans are eager to learn more about the project she’s filming in Bulgaria and will be excited to see her return to her husband and kids soon.