Alicia Witt Reveals Big Life Changes After Cancer Surgery: ‘It’s Humbling’

Alicia Witt

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Hallmark star Alicia Witt recently shared a more in-depth cancer update to her followers on social media. Her post was not only intended to provide an update about her health, but also in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Witt Shared That She Remains Disease-Free

In a Facebook post, Witt told gave her followers a long, in-depth update about her health and changes she’s made in her life after her cancer diagnosis. She was diagnosed with HER2 breast cancer in November 2021, and had her first round of chemotherapy just weeks before her parents died. She later had a unilateral mastectomy to remove all the tissue and tested negative for any remaining disease.

In her latest post, Witt reiterated to fans that as of the beginning of May.

“There is no disease remaining upon examination of the removed lymph nodes, as well as the entire removed breast,” she wrote. And she added, when asked how she’s doing, she can honestly answer, “I’m really, really doing really well.”

She added that, in fact, most women who catch this early will also do well, as it’s very treatable when caught in the early stages.

Witt mused that sometimes she wishes she could “put this all back into the vault,” but she’s ultimately glad she went public with her diagnosis. She said deciding to share her experience “came from the deep conviction that, the more of us who do, the less scary it will be.”

Her treatment isn’t completely over, however. Witt shared that her HER2 positive cancer feeds of HER2 proteins and isn’t affected by hormones. So she’s been taking an immunotherapy medicine and she’s getting ready for her 12th round. And soon, she shared, she’ll be embarking on a reconstruction journey.

She’s Made Big Changes in Her Life Since the Diagnosis & Surgery

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For the rest of her post, Witt shared details about some changes she’s made in her life, in case her decisions might be helpful to others going through similar situations.

She wrote, “based on the information i’ve found, alcohol consumption is one of the main risk factors associated with breast cancer- and particularly her2 positive type. the others are red meat, sugars, saturated fat, and dairy products.”

She said she used to love enjoying alcoholic drinks, but has now stopped for 11 months. Witt wrote that although she may still enjoy one drink every now and then in the future, she’s cut alcohol out of her life.

She wrote: “it’s humbling – especially for someone that authored a book on Small Changes last year! – to acknowledge that i had more ‘small changes’ to be made.”

Witt added that she already hadn’t eaten red meat for more than 30 years and dairy for 15 years, so she was also focusing on reducing saturated fat and sugars.

She wrote: “the only saturated fat i consume is coconut, so i do limit that now. when i have ice cream, as a special treat, i go for So Delicious brand sugar-free. more often, i’ll have fresh fruit instead… sometimes i still use coconut cream in cooking, or whipping some up to put on top of my fruit, but i’ve greatly reduced this. it feels like the right choice for me.”

She suggested that anyone else who wants to reduce sugar might enjoy monkfruit.

Witt also added that she’s reduced the amount of vegan cheese she eats, even though it’s healthier than dairy cheese.

She wrote, “now i’ll opt for some olive or avocado oil drizzled on top with lots of fresh garlic and pink salt and delicious spices, or even just have my broccoli raw, chopped fine, and mashed with lots of fresh avocado and lemon (try it- it’s incredible!!) instead of laying on the dairy free cheese.”

She added that Food for Breast Cancer’s article was a big help in known what to eat and what to avoid.

She Said She Gets Tears in Her Eyes Thinking About Her Social Media Post Helping Someone Else

Witt added that she truly helps her transparency will be helpful to someone else on their health journey.

She wrote, “as i share all this, i feel a deep deep breath of relief. knowing that there is someone out there who needs to read these words today. i feel tears come to my eyes – i’ve been wanting to share so much of this since my last post and also, it’s hard to think about it all the time. it’s important not to think about it all the time! but also ready to embrace the knowing that what i’ve gone through can and will not only be a comfort to someone, it may just save her life. (or his life. did you know that men can get breast cancer too?)

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