Alicia Witt’s Parents Found Dead in Their Home

Alicia Witt in Christmas Tree Lane

Crown Media Alicia Witt in "Christmas Tree Lane."

Hallmark star Alicia Witt’s parents were found dead inside their home in Massachusetts on Monday night, December 20, 2021. The cause of death has not yet been determined.

They Were Found Dead in Their Home After Witt Asked a Relative to Check on Them

Robert Witt, 87, and Diane Witt, 75, were found dead in their home in Worcester, Massachusetts, after Alicia Witt asked a relative to check on them, Telegram & Gazette reported.

Witt said in a statement to Telegram & Gazette: “I reached out to a cousin who lives close to my parents to check on them. Sadly, the outcome was unimaginable. I ask for some privacy at this time to grieve and to wrap my head around this turn of events, and this surreal loss.”

The Telegram & Gazette reported that a family member asked the police to help them check on her parents, and they arrived around 9 p.m. on Monday.

Her Parents Had Been Using a Space Heater, But There Were No Signs of Carbon Monoxide in the Home

Her parents’ cause of death wasn’t immediately apparent, but police did not label their deaths suspicious, Telegram & Gazette reported. The couple was found dead, but there were no signs of trauma.

Lieutenant Sean Murtha, a spokesman for the Worcester police, told the Boston Herald: “I can confirm that police were dispatched to the residence and discovered a male and a female deceased. There were no signs of foul play. It is under investigation.”

Police told the Telegram & Gazette that because of problems with a furnace, the couple had been using a space heater. However, firefighters were not able to detect anything wrong with the air quality in the home.

Worcester Fire Deputy Chief Adam Roche told Telegram & Gazette that there were no signs of carbon monoxide.

A neighbor told Telegram & Gazette that they believed the couple had been ill. One neighbor mowed their lawn for them, and others had offered to help with the property, but their offers weren’t accepted.

According to Boston 25 News, investigators think hypothermia might have been a factor in the deaths, because one of the victims was wearing a coat.

A neighbor told the outlet that Robert Witt had cancer, and Diane was “recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.”

“She was a frail little thing,” the neighbor said. “A good wind would blow her away.”

Alicia Witt has a brother, Ian Witt, who has not publicly commented.

Witt Has Posted on Instagram About Being Thankful for Her Parents

Alicia Witt had posted on Instagram about her dad in June, talking about how amazing he was. She wrote, in part: “to my amazing dad, the wise and hilarious and always curious one, the greatest teacher, and the OG Witty. … i am deeply blessed in the dad department and i know that every single day ❤️”

In May 2018, she shared a thankful post about her mom for Mother’s Day, along with several pictures including a photo using the FaceSwap feature that was trending then. She wrote, in part: “here is my beautiful mom when she came to visit me in #nashville two years ago. she was unconvinced about the Face Swap part of the proceedings but she went with it. probably because she’d had a taste of my margarita that night ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Alicia Witt Participated Last Week in a Christmas Con with Other Hallmark Stars

Witt has a long history with the Hallmark Channel. She starred in “The Mistletoe Inn” opposite David Alpay, “Our Christmas Love Song” opposite Brendan Hines, “Christmas List” opposite Gabriel Hogan, “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane” opposite Colin Ferguson, “I’m Not Ready for Christmas” opposite George Stults, “Christmas at Cartwright’s” opposite Wally Shawn, “A Very Merry Mix-Up” opposite Mark Wiebe, “Backyard Wedding” opposite Frances Fisher, “Christmas Tree Lane” in 2020 opposite Andrew Walker, and more.

Her other credits include “Modern Persuasion,” “I Care a Lot,” “Orange is the New Black” (Zelda), “Mississippi Requiem,” “The Exorcist” (Nicole for six episodes), “Twin Peaks” (Gersten Hayward), “Nashville” (Autumn Chase), “House of Lies,” “Justified” (Wendy Crowe for 10 episodes), “The Mentalist,” “Friday Night Light” (Cheryl for nine episodes), “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (Nola Falacci), “The Upside of Anger,” “Two Weeks Notice,” “Ten Tiny Love Stories,” “Ally McBeal,” “Cybill” (Zoey Woodbine for 87 episodes from 1995-1998), and more.

She’s also a singer/songwriter and recently published a book, “Small Changes.”

Just last week, she participated in Christmas Con with other Hallmark stars, where she hosted a concert with Paul Greene, The Jersey Momma shared.

The event took place in New Jersey December 10-12. About 12,000 people attended the convention, CS Monitor reported. The first convention took place in 2019, hosted by Hallmark, reported.

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