Aly Michalka on Why Hallmark’s ‘Sand Dollar Cove’ Was ‘Perfect’ for Her

Aly Michalka Hallmark movie

Getty Aly Michalka will make her Hallmark debut in "Sand Dollar Cove."

The last movie in Hallmark’s “Summer Nights” lineup, “Sand Dollar Cove“, premieres on June 26 at 9 pm ET. The film stars Hallmark fan-favorite Chad Michael Murray and network-newbie, Aly Michalka.

Michalka recently told TV Insider why signing on to her first Hallmark project made perfect sense for her.

“Part of it was it was just perfect timing for my schedule. The pandemic had obviously shut down so many jobs for actors, and so it was just a great thing to be able to jump back into getting on set again,” she told the outlet.

The film shot on location in Mystic Connecticut in March and April. “Honestly, I was really excited to shoot in Mystic. I knew the little town because I had been there for a wedding years earlier. And I did really like the character of Elli and I felt like I could do something with her,” Michalka told TV Insider.

Michalka’s co-star, Murray, added that although the location came with challenges, it also made the shoot more intimate. “Connecticut in March is cold. It snowed three times while we were filming. But I think that also created a bond for the cast; we all grew closer knowing we were all enduring the weather and the elements together,” said Murray.

Michalka & Murray’s Characters Are From Two Different Worlds

In the film, Michalka plays a real estate developer named Elli, who comes to Sand Dollar Cove to acquire a beachfront property. But charming local Brody (Murray) owns the deed and won’t be so quick to sell his beloved pier.

Michalka told TV Insider that her character is “a city girl, she’s a workaholic. Then when she meets Brody, he reminds her of some of the greater things in life to enjoy and celebrate, like family and friends and nature and good food and good people.”

Murray’s character is devoted to the preservation of his little community. “Brody’s a large part of the heart and soul of what Sand Dollar Cove is, and he cares so very much about their values and their history,” he told TV Insider.

Michalka Has Her Eye on a ‘Cowbelles’ Reboot

Fans of Michalka’s band Aly & Aj might remember when the musical duo starred in a Disney Channel original movie titled “Cowbelles.” The film centers on two spoiled sisters who are forced to learn the value of a dollar working at their father’s dairy farm.

Michalka thinks there is potential for a more adult sequel to the film. “There’s definitely a funny version of “Cowbelles” 15 years later and the girls are maybe divorced or whatever, and they’re trying to keep the family business going,” she told ET. “There’s definitely something funny there, but who knows?”

She thinks the film should have a more adult tone and wonders if the streaming platform Disney Plus would go for something a little raunchier. “It would just be a matter of how adult it really is. But there’s still stuff on there like “Mandalorian” that is technically adult content. It’s not just for kids,” she told ET.

Tune into “Sand Dollar Cove” on June 26 at 9 pm ET on the Hallmark Channel!

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