Andrea Brooks Is Leading Two New Romance Movies

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Hallmark star Andrea Brooks is leading two new romance movies while also preparing to film for season 9 of “When Calls the Heart.” It’s not clear if either of her two new movies will be airing on The Hallmark Channel or somewhere else. Here’s what we know so far.

One of Her New Movies Is Called ‘Sit, Stay, Love’

One of her new movies is called “Sit, Stay, Love,” where she stars opposite Marcus Rosner. Brooks shared this photo in mid-May and wrote: “Missing this cohort led by the fiercely talented @hhdtvis! What a fun whirlwind!!! So excited for this one to come out! 🎥🐶♥️ #SitStayLove.”

Director Heather Hawthorn Doyle has a description for the movie on her LinkedIn bio, noting that it was filmed form March to May, 2021, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her description of the movie reads:

A woman’s tightly controlled life starts to loosen up when she adopts a dog and falls in love with him and the owner of the animal shelter she adopted him from in this charming romantic comedy starring Andrea Brooks and Marcus Rosner and introducing Nova as “Sam”.

The movie may not be a Hallmark movie, since Doyle’s LinkedIn bio describes other movies she’s working on as being produced for Hallmark, while Hallmark is not mentioned for “Sit, Stay, Love.” She notes in her bio that the movie is “introducing Nova as ‘Sam’ a rescue dog who is also an agility performer!”

Doyle also directed “Love in the Afternoon” for Hallmark starring Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey, “Love by the Book” for Hallmark, and “A Godwink Christmas: First Loves, Second Chances” for Hallmark.

The movie is produced by Johnson Media Group, Inc.

Rosner also posted about the movie on Instagram, writing in part:

Just wanted to say that I had one of the smoothest most enjoyable shoots ever with these fine folks over the last month.

Director: @hhdtvis was one of the best leaders I’ve ever worked with on one of these. She cares about the content in a way that not all these directors do and it shows in her attention to detail. She’s constantly upbeat and always clear, calm and direct with her instruction. No B.S. …We got on like a house on fire.

Costar: @andreakbrooks What can you say? Most people following me will already be familiar with her and don’t need to hear me sing her praises so I’ll just keep it brief. The woman has been bouncing between two hit shows for years while becoming a new mother and maintaining a reputation as a kind, intelligent, genuine person. To spend time with her is to understand how all of that can be possible.

Other Costar: @allstarsk9 It’s my understanding that it was Nova’s first leading role and I don’t really see how it could have gone much smoother. This dog literally needed to be a “Superpup” and make me look like I knew what I was doing as a dog-whispering trainer and luckily for me she completely sold it.

Brooks recently posted a new update about the movie as an Instagram Story.


The director is currently doing final music notes for the movie.

Here are some more cute photos from filming.

The movie looks adorable.

She’s Also Starring in ‘Fishing for Love’

Brooks is also starring in “Fishing for Love,” which she posted about on Instagram on July 9, writing: “Coming soon.”

Spencer Lord co-stars with Brooks in this romance movie. The synopsis reads: “When Kendall, a successful restaurant designer comes home to Mystic Bay for the annual Big Catch Festival, she finds herself in uncharted waters with town newcomer Zack. Is Kendall baited for trouble in her home town or will she catch true love?”

The movie was filmed in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada, according to IMDb.

On Twitter, @SleepyPittyKay revealed that the movie wrapped filming in early February on Vancouver Island.

It’s not clear what network this movie will be on. Filming took place from January to February 2021.

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