Andrew Walker Is Celebrating Mother’s Day With Apples

Andrew Walker

GETTY Andrew Walker

Hallmark hunk Andrew Walker has a special gift for mothers this Mother’s Day. The “Bottle with Love” actor collaborates with Envy apples to create a carefully curated recipe list and a Mother’s Day giveaway according to Envy apple’s website.

“On this special Mother’s Day, you might be asking yourself what do I get the most remarkable mother,” says Walker at the beginning of the April 28, 2023, Instagram post “A remarkable apple.”

“My wife is always taking care of the family first, so I get no better pleasure than waking up early on Mother’s Day and preparing a special brunch for her with the help of our kids,” said Walker in a May 1, 2023 press release.

The Mother’s Day collaboration wouldn’t be the first time Walker and Envy apples worked together. The duo recently campaigned on a February 14, 2023, Instagram post in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Envy apples are a cross-breed of Braeburn and Royal Gala apples, in what they describe as a “natural plant-breeding method,” according to its website. Envy doesn’t let just anyone grow their apples; they have a small team of developers in three locations: Yakima Valley, Washington, Lake Chelan, Washington, and Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Envy apples are giving away a special treat for one lucky mother, an autographed mini cookbook by Andrew Walker and a $100 Visa gift card. Participants can visit the website for more details.

Andrew Walker Honors His Mother

Walker, 43, has honored his mother, Joyce Francis Crossley Walker, who battled with Alzheimer’s and died on March 16, 2023, according to her obituary. Before her passing, Walker was no stranger to posting his appreciation and love for his mother on social media. During the May 8, 2020, Hallmark Mother’s Day tribute, Walker wished all mother’s a happy Mother’s Day, including his own.

“My mother is an artist, an incredible artist. And if it wasn’t for her encouraging me to pursue my acting career, I don’t think I’d be doing what I’m doing today.” Says Walker in the 30-second video. “So, thank you, Mom! And thank you to all the mothers out there for doing what you do. You guys are the true heroes.”

While interviewing with TV Fanatic on November 12, 2021, about the Hallmark movie “My Christmas Family Tree,” he shared an update on his mother’s health. According to Walker, she was diagnosed a decade ago, but it wasn’t until recently, in late 2021, that things “started to get bad.”

“Fortunately, it’s been ten years, but only really started to get bad during the pandemic,” he told the outlet at the time. “I feel like I am processing the inevitable loss of my mom and the way she’s not at all who she was, who I’ve remembered her being throughout my life. So, it’s therapy.”

Andrew Walker Makes a Donut Apple

Walker doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to “loving” Envy apples; he also finds purpose in the product by incorporating it into various meals. On his April 30, 2023, Instagram post, Walker shared his way of eating “donuts.”

“All you need is love… and donuts, am I right?” said Walker on April 30, 2023, Instagram post.

“We are a family that loves incorporating fresh fruits and veggies into every meal. On an ordinary day, our fruit bowl is full of Envy™ apples, and our kids love when we cut them into slices. But on holidays like Mother’s Day, we love to get more creative and use Envy™ apples for more indulgent recipes to celebrate my wife and spoil her on her special day,” he said in the press release.

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