Andrew Walker & Nikki DeLoach Starring in Mystery Movie, ‘The Curious Caterer’

Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach

Crown Media Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach

Andrew Walker shared a video on his Instagram story on January 24 that got fans talking. The video showed a script for a mystery movie, and he tagged Nikki DeLoach and Hallmark Mysteries in his post. At the time, fans were wondering if the mystery movie that he and DeLoach have talked about before was finally happening. Now it’s been confirmed that yes, they are starring in a mystery movie together.

DeLoach & Walker Are Starring in ‘The Curious Caterer’

DeLoach shared on Instagram that she and Walker are headlining a new mystery movie called “The Curious Caterer.”

Walker has been sharing hints about the movie on Instagram.

And he shared a photo while they were filming on set.

A Video Walker Shared Revealed the Script Is Called ‘Dying for Chocolate’

Andrew Walker on Instagram


Walker shared the video without comment on his Instagram Story in late January, hinting at the movie. You can see a screenshot above and immediately below. He tagged @HallmarkMovie (which is Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) and Nikki DeLoach in his video.

Andrew Walker on Instagram


The video shows a script on his computer screen that’s titled “Dying for Chocolate.” The characters on the only page of the script that we can see are named Marla and Goldy. It looks like the name of the movie has already been changed.

In the script that Walker showed, Marla says: “Sorry I’m late, your detective friend had me down at the police station, asking all kinds of frankly uncomfortable questions about Laura. I was getting the vibe that what happened wasn’t an accident. He didn’t question you?”

Goldy says in the script that she was questioned several times by the detective herself.

Fans are already talking about his video. In the tweet above, Jessica King shared a video just a few minutes after Walker had posted it on Instagram.

‘Dying for Chocolate’ Is a Mystery Book Published in 1992

The character named Goldy seen in Walker’s script is also the main character in a book called “Dying for Chocolate” that was first published in 1992. It was book two in “A Culinary Mystery” series (also called the “Goldy Schulz series”), FictionDB reported.  The main character is a caterer with a personal life that’s a “recipe for disaster,” according to FictionDB’s synopsis. In the book, shortly after Goldy moved her business and her son to the Aspen Meadow Country Club, someone close to her dies. She decides to “do a little investigating of her own,” the synopsis reads.

The book is written by Diane Mott Davidson, who has written a total of 17 books in the series, with the last one published in 2013.

In 2015, after not writing another book in the series for two years, the Denver Post reported that she was “cagey” in a cooking memoir about whether or not she would write any more stories. Harper Collins runs a Facebook page for Diane Mott Davidson that hasn’t had an update since 2017, but did have a bio update in 2020.

DeLoach Has Hinted About a Mystery Series with Walker Before

Walker and DeLoach have been hinting about doing a mystery series together for some time.

In October 2020, DeLoach tweeted about a mystery movie, writing: “Yes, Ann!! Would love to do a mystery wheel with my buddy @AWALK35. We are trying to make that happen.”

Eileen Hedrick replied, “I’m sure many of your fans and @AWALK35’s fans would enjoy seeing the two of you in a mystery wheel or series.”

Walker also talked about a mystery movie in a podcast interview in June 2020. Hotline to Hallmark tweeted at the time: “In case you missed the news – not only will Andrew Walker star in ‘Beverly Hills Wedding,’ but he & Nikki DeLoach are developing a mystery movie series for Hallmark…”

The account further clarified, writing: “From what Nikki said to @hallmarkpodcast, it sounds very much like we will see this dynamic duo again (starring in their own new mystery movie series on HMM)… although probably not until next year (because this year is just all wonky and askew as far as production schedules).”

If Walker and DeLoach are starring in a new Hallmark mystery series together, this wouldn’t be the first time the duo headlined a Hallmark movie.

The two starred in “Sweet Autumn” together, which was about a candy shop owner wh split her shop’s inheritance between her niece, Maggie, and a maple farmer, Dex. The two had to figure out why the aunt made that decision, which was a bit of a mystery all on its own.

Walker has also starred in Hallmark mystery movies before too. He starred in “Wedding Planner Mystery” with Erica Durance and Brandon Beemer in 2014.

Nikkie DeLoach’s “Five More Minutes” Christmas movie aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries during this past Christmas season, even though it wasn’t technically a mystery series.

DeLoach and Walker are friends in real life who first met when they starred together in “A Dream of Christmas,” People reported. They said they immediately connected over their experiences with their children and felt like they had known each other all their lives. Their families are now friends, and DeLoach’s husband is Walker’s entertainment attorney, he told People. They also live in the same neighborhood.

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