Local Community Auctions Roles for Hallmark Christmas Movie

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A local community invented a unique way to fund new Christmas decorations for the town. They auctioned roles in a Hallmark movie starring Erin Cahill and Wes Brown. The idea was so creative it almost sounded like a Hallmark movie plot all on its own.

A Mississippi Town Auctioned Hallmark Roles in a Holiday Fundraiser

Natchez, Mississippi, hosted the holiday fundraiser in July as part of its “Christmas in July” fundraising event, WJTV reported. The fundraiser included auctioning three roles in a Hallmark movie that is filming in the town in August. Although the roles are for extras, the winners will also have a chance to audition for a speaking part in the movie too.

Sarah Laukhuff, Christmas in Natchez Committee Member, told The Natchez Democrat that the three “extra” roles are going to be more in-depth than your typical extra film role. They’ll be easily noticed when they’re on screen and will have more screen time than most extras.

The fundraiser sounds like it comes straight out of a Hallmark movie. The event raised funds for new city Christmas decorations. In addition to the Hallmark roles, other auction items included hotel stays, a community tour, and dinner for 10 at a local restaurant. In totla, more than $5,000 was raised through the fundraiser, The Natchez Democrat reported.

The Movie Stars Erin Cahill & Wes Brown

The Natchez Democrat also reported that the Hallmark movie being filmed in Nachez stars Erin Cahill in the lead. The Advocate reported that Wes Brown will be starring opposite her in the movie. Brittany Ishibashi, Ali Liebert, and Percy Daggs III are also starring in the film.

The movie has a working title of “The Search for Christmas.” It’s about three sisters who grow apart and how they find their way back together because of Christmas.

Filming is expected to begin August 30 and the movie will air in late November to mid-December. The film is being made by Evergreen Film Productions and is utilizing much that is authentic to Natchez, including the town’s annual Christmas parade.

Daniel Lewis of Evergreen Film Productions told The Natchez Democrat that the movie was supposed to originally be filmed in Louisiana, but he fell in love with Natchez and had the script reworked to fit with the town.

Lewis said: “We will be shooting in businesses and won’t be changing names. We also want to put as many Natchezians in the film as possible. … There will be several opportunities for people to be cast as extras, including kids, parents, etc. We’re also casting diversely to show Natchez as a whole.”

The Advocate reported that the community has an additional casting call for paid and nonpaid extras of all ethnicities and ages.

Evergreen Films has been working closely with local residents to secure what it needs for filming. On August 11, the company posted a request for residents who might want to rent a spare vehicle, since rental car prices were so high due to COVID-19.

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