IMDb Quietly Adds Premiere Date for Aurora Teagarden’s 16th Movie

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A premiere date for Aurora Teagarden Mysteries‘ 16th movie was quietly added to IMDb. The premiere date hasn’t been officially announced by Hallmark, but if it’s accurate then we’ll be getting another Aurora Teagarden movie just three months after the new March movie premieres.

IMDb Listed ‘Cold Feet & a Cold Case’ as Premiering in June, But Henner Has Said It’s Premiering in May

According to IMDbCold Feet & a Cold Case — the 16th movie in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series — will premiere on June 14, 2021. This would be about three months after the newest movie, How to Con a Con, premieres in March.

However, Marilu Henner revealed on the night of Aurora Teagarden‘s latest movie premiere that we’ll get to see the movie almost a month earlier than that on May 23.

Hallmark hasn’t released a description yet for Cold Feet & a Cold Case, and the network hasn’t officially announced when the new movie is premiering. IMDb updates are sometimes shared by movie directors, but they’re also sometimes shared by fans, so it’s not clear if this is going to be the official release date or if that information could still change. It’s best to consider it a tentative date at this point. But it’s a great sign about how quickly we’ll get a new Aurora Teagarden after How to Con a Con premieres on March 14.

The new movie is directed by Martin Wood and written by Teena Booth and Jim Head. Filming on Cold Feet & a Cold Case wrapped on February 18, according to ACFC West.

Bure shared this photo during filming and confirmed that Cold Feet and a Cold Case is the title for Aurora Teagarden‘s 16th movie.

Here’s another behind-the-scenes photo shared during filming.

Perhaps most intriguing to Aurora Teagarden fans is this photo that was shared on the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Instagram page. It shows a church scene in the 16th movie. Fans are debating whether this is from Roe and Nick’s wedding, or if it means that a murder victim is going to be discovered at a church.

The caption reads: “In a church. Hmmmm …. 🤔 What’s going to happen here?”

An AuroraTeagardenMysteries Instagram page is here, where many updates will be provided.

An ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Marathon Is Airing February 27

On February 27, an Aurora Teagarden Mysteries marathon is airing on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

The marathon starts at 10 a.m. Eastern with Last Scene Alive, followed by Reap What You Sow (12 p.m. Eastern), The Disappearing Game (2 p.m. Eastern), A Game of Cat & Mouse (4 p.m. Eastern), An Inheritance to Die For (6 p.m. Eastern), A Very Foul Play (8 p.m. Eastern), and finally Heist and Seek (10 p.m. Eastern.)

On Sunday, March 14 at 8 p.m. Eastern, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will air the newest Aurora Teagarden movie, How to Con a Con.

Crown Media shared in a press release about the new movie: “When one of Aida Teagarden’s (Henner) real estate clients is found murdered, her sleuthing daughter, Aurora (Bure) sets out with her fiancé, Nick (Matter), to solve the murder. They discover that someone is operating a con artist scheme in Lawrenceton and the stakes have just become deadly. Aurora, Nick and the Real Murders Club go undercover in a sting operation designed to “con a con” into revealing themselves before they can strike again.”

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