Bailee Madison Explains Why Grace’s ‘Good Witch’ Scene Wasn’t Longer

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Fans of Hallmark’s hit series “Good Witch” were excited about the prospect of Bailee Madison returning as Grace. The sneak peek for the new episode was even focused on Cassie preparing for Grace’s return. Unfortunately, however, Grace was only on the show for a few minutes. Madison explained on Twitter why she didn’t have a bigger role.

This article has spoilers for Season 7 Episode 3. 

Madison Said Her Appearance Was Short Because of COVID-19

Fans were hoping that Madison’s character Grace would have been on the show longer, since talk of her return was featured on the episode’s sneak peek. The episode began with Sam finding Cassie hard at work at 3 a.m., preparing for Grace’s return. We learned that she had been in Spain for the last six months. Cassie later got a text from Grace telling her that she wasn’t coming home after all because she got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to intern at a fashion house in Milan. At the very end of the episode, they reconnected with a very short Facetime conversation. 

In a tweet, Madison explained that her appearance on the series was so short because they were filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, she and Catherine Bell only came up with the idea when they were texting while Bell was filming the episode.

Madison wrote: “In the world of covid that’s the best we could do!!!!! Fun fact: @reallycb and I were texting while they were filming this episode & came up with the ft idea! I miss my #goodwitch family so much & love my #goodies always!!!! I’m sure grace & Cassie will hug in person soon!

Madison shared some more fun behind-the-scenes stories about what happened.

She wrote: “Fun fact: my boyfriend read Cassie’s lines while I filmed myself & I had a cut of the scene to try to get the timing right! haha” 

She also shared that she’s really missed Grace and Cassie.

Madison live-tweeted during the episode, sharing how much she’s missed the show.

At one point she tweeted: “Miss spilling the tea with mama.”

And she loved the flashback with a younger Grace.

Bell loved having Madison on the show through Facetime too.

Near the end of the episode, Madison tweeted: “Well….. I love you #goodies! Always always always!!!!!!! Tonight felt like no time has passed!! Thankful we got to create this little moment for Grace and Cassie during such a beautiful episode. Hugs xxx your grace forever”

Madison Was Last Seen on the Season 5 Finale

Madison was last on “Good Witch” for the Season 5 finale. Her character Grace was graduating from high school and leaving to attend college.

When she left the show, Madison wrote a beautiful message on Instagram about her departure.

After leaving Good Witch, she launched a collaboration with Knixteen, creating a new bra.

In early May, she signed a music deal with Jonas Group Entertainment, Music Row reported.

She also starred in a Netflix faith-based musical called “A Week Away.” The film includes music from King & Country, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, and more.

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