Brennan Elliott’s Hallmark Christmas Co-Star Revealed

Brennan Elliott

Crown Media Brennan Elliott in "Love You Like Christmas."

For weeks, fans have been speculating about who Brennan Elliott’s co-star is going to be in his new Hallmark Christmas movie for 2021. His co-star has finally been revealed. Elliott and Alison Sweeney are filming a Christmas movie together.

Sweeney Revealed the News in a Live Instagram Video


Alison Sweeney revealed the news in an Instagram story where Brennan Elliott was sitting right next to her in the car.

She said, “It’s pouring rain in Vancouver. We’re about to shoot our scene. And we’re gonna pretend like it’s not raining. By actually drying our car… What do you have to say about this Brennan?”

Elliott looked at the camera and simply said, “It’s raining,” with an amused expression.

Sweeney added, “It’s raining. We’re gonna pretend like it’s not raining. So…”

Elliott joked and began singing, “Singin’ in the rain.”

Sweeney has been sharing behind-the-scenes moments on her Instagram story during filming. They’ve been taking a lot of pandemic precautions.


And they’ve been trying hard not to let the rain in Vancouver stop them while they’re filming.


She also shared photos of the Christmas decorations on set.


The Movie Is Called ‘Open By Christmas’ or ‘Be Mine’

So far, a couple of different names have been floated around for the movie while it’s filming. The Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw shared that it’s been referred to as both “Open By Christmas” and “Be Mine.”

Sweeney wrote that she’s “so excited for this Christmas movie.”

Based on her Instagram tags, it looks like Erica Durance from “Smallville” will also be starring in the movie.

She also tagged Michael Karl Richards in her post, indicating that he might have a role in the movie too.

Durance shared this photo from the first day of filming.

Elliott Said His Co-Star Was a ‘Special Lady’ He Hadn’t Worked With Before

On Twitter in August, Elliott revealed that he would be starring in a Christmas movie this year with a “special lady who I’ve never worked with before.”

This caused a lot of speculation among fans as they tried to guess who he was working with. Some thought it might be Candace Cameron Bure, since she had left for a filming shoot around the same time. In an interview with Us Weekly, Bure was asked, “Do you have a dream Hallmark co-star?” She said: “I actually kind of have had one and, this is exclusive, I am not going to tell you who it is, but I’m getting him for my Christmas movie this year.”

However, with the news of Sweeney being Elliott’s co-star, that leaves Bure’s co-star as a big mystery.

On September 9, Elliott tweeted: “Enjoying filming new @hallmarkchannel #christmasmovie with my lovely costar who I have to wait to share! details on her,the name,release date ,story etc etc.”

Sweeney recently starred in a new installment of “Murder She Baked,” which has now been renamed “A Hannah Swenson Mystery.” In an interview with TV Goodness, Alison Sweeney revealed that the movie was rebranded because different people are involved this time around, including different executives.

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