Brennan Elliott Updates Fans After Wife’s Major Cancer Surgery: ‘Your Prayers Are a Blessing’

Brennan Elliott on Crossword Mysteries.

Crown Media Brennan Elliott on Crossword Mysteries.

Hallmark star Brennan Elliott recently updated fans about how his wife Cami’s cancer surgery went, after asking for prayers. He said their encouragement was a big reason why Cami is fighting as hard as she is.

He Said the Surgery Was a Success

First, Brennan told his followers on Instagram that the surgery was a success.

“just heard the surgery was a success and she is resting comfortably. We still have lots of work to do to keep that #cancer away… From the bottom of our hearts ❤️ we ❤️ u and will let you know more details as she continues treatment.”

Previously, Twitter user Ami had alerted fans to pray for Cami, writing: “Let’s 🙏 for Cami & @brennan_elliott as she has her 2nd hipec surgery Fri. 9/23. She’s a real warrior & inspiration. 🙏 for healing for her & for comfort & ☮️for both.”

Elliott confirmed the details when he replied to the tweet, thanking Ann for the post and asking for prayers.

According to Hopkins Medicine, HIPEC surgery stands for Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy surgery, which is used for some abdomen cancers. The surgery involves removing tumors and applying chemotherapy drugs directly to the abdomen to help get rid of any other cancer cells.

He Said Cami’s Fighting So Hard Because of Fans’ Support & Encouragement

Brennan added that Cami is fighting as hard as she is because of all of their followers’ and friends’ support and encouragement.

He wrote, “your prayers have been the greatest blessing. I truly believe she wouldn’t be fighting this hard without all of your support and encouragement!”

Brennan revealed in early April that Cami had been diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer. He shared that his wife has gone through “several bouts of cancer in the past,” and described cancer as a “sinister opponent who never plays fair.” But there’s no one “braver, stronger, more fearless” than his wife, he said.

In an interview with People in August, Brennan shared that his wife is doing well, but the journey has been really difficult.

“Right now, there’s no evidence of disease,” he told People. “We’re happy about that. We just want to keep that cancer critter away from her. It’s a lot of long nights.”

He added that he won’t lie, the whole thing has been “an absolute nightmare.” But prayers from fans have meant so much to them.

After Brennan shared on Instagram that Cami’s surgery was a success, their friends, colleagues, and followers all joined in to share their support.

Tyler Hynes wrote, “We love u and the family pal ❤️❤️❤️.”

Danica McKellar replied, “🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.”

Bruno Amato wrote, “Thinking and praying for Cami and your family, brother.❤️🙏”

Peter Benson wrote, “Sending ll the love to you and your family brother❤️❤️❤️”

Bart Fisher wrote, “Much love to you, Cami, and the whole family right now. Great to hear it went well today!”

Val Dodge wrote, “Cami is a pillar of strength, a beautiful warrior! Continued blessings and well wishes to Cami, you and yours 😇🙏🏼❤️”

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