Brian Bird Responds to Fans Telling Him They Quit ‘When Calls the Heart’

When Calls the Heart

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Brian Bird, executive producer and co-creator of “When Calls the Heart,” has been speaking out and replying to unhappy fans. When the new season premiered on the Hallmark Channel, some former fans tweeted to him that they still aren’t interested in watching the show because of how the “Team Nathan” and “Team Lucas” triangle was resolved.

He Told One Viewer They Would be Welcomed Back ‘With Open Arms If You Change Your Mind’

In a post on March 7 after the season 9 premiere, one former fan tweeted to Bird, “you are the one that caused discord… You are the one that caused fans to turn away.”

Bird replied, “Sorry you feel that way… but we all respond to circumstances based on our life experiences. We can choose to be victims or victors. I wish you well and Hope Valley will be waiting for you with open arms if you change your mind.”

Another fan wrote, “No, thanks… but good luck!” He replied, “We’ll miss you… but appreciate the well-wishes… and Hope Valley will be waiting for you with open arms if you change your mind.”

A fan tweeted to Bird and advised him, “Don’t waste your time Brian. So many #hearties are still tweeting their support. Focus on them.”

He replied, “I guess just hard to resist the instinct to go back for the one lost sheep.”

Bird Said He Was Bothered When He Sees People ‘Robbing Themselves of Joy’

When someone wrote on Twitter in February that they would not be watching the new season of “When Calls the Heart,” Bird replied: “Sorry to see you go, but Hope Valley will be here for you if you ever decide to come back! God bless.”

Another person replied, asking Bird why he even bothered to reply to viewers who no longer plan to watch the series. “If it didn’t bother you, you would not respond to their nonsense,” they questioned.

Bird wrote on Twitter, “Sure it bothers me, but not because I feel personally attacked or I feel we have somehow made wrong choices (we haven’t). I’m just bothered because some people are cutting off their noses to spite their faces unnecessarily and robbing themselves of joy… and that makes me sad.”

He Had a Sweet Message for Fans Before the Season 9 Premiere

Bird wrote a long message to fans just before the season 9 premiere of the series.

He told fans: “I know you are in for a very special 12-week journey this season.”

He said his heart was full, and the new season “feels to me much like the very first few seasons of When Calls the Heart when your Hearties community was just getting started.”

He shared how there were little “Hearties” parties all across North America and the world, and fans wore shirts and carried mugs to promote the series.

“It was that revolution of love and support for WCTH that sustained all of us responsible for building the show in those early years,” he wrote. “It…has been the secret sauce that resulted in the show being renewed year after year…”

He said he was hoping that social media posts this season would show that same enthusiasm.

“We have all been through many challenges over the years — plot twists both on the show and in real life, and we haven’t always seen eye to eye on everything,” he wrote. “…but I think now is a good time for a reset. A do-over. … You believe in agreeing to disagree without being disagreeable. And you all love the values and virtues of Hope Valley…virtues that are a booster shot of hope that our poor, cynical culture desperately needs.”

He added that if the show is renewed for a tenth season, there’s a good chance they’ll finally be able to have another in-person Hearties reunion in Vancouver, if the pandemic continues to wane.

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Cheryl Wilson
Cheryl Wilson
8 months ago

It only seemed sensible to me that Elizabeth would choose Lucus because she would not want to take a chance that something similar would happen to Nathan. He has a dangerous job like Jack.

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