Cameron Mathison Comments on Drug That Might Have Caused His Kidney Cancer

Cameron Mathison

Crown Media Cameron Mathison

Hallmark and GAC Family star Cameron Mathison is very open about his past battle with cancer. And while he’s fully in remission now, he is talking openly about an over-the-counter medicine he was taking and other factors that might have led to his kidney cancer.

He Said an Acid Reflux Drug He Was Taking Is Correlated to the Kidney Cancer He Had

In an interview with Survivornet, Mathison shared that an acid reflux drug that he used to take is closely connected to the type of kidney cancer he had.

“High toxicity is a common thread through almost all cancers and is a major contributing factor,” he said. “I used a specific drug for my acid reflux that is directly correlated to my kidney cancer in particular.”

Survivor net reported that Zantac (ranitidine) was reported to have low levels of a probable human carcinogen, NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine.) Zantac and ranitidine recalls were issued and the FDA told manufacturers in 2020 to stop selling the drug in the United States.

David Light, CEO of Valisure, told WebMD that ranitidine is an unstable molecule. He said in 2021, “We still believe by far the most concerning element for public health for ranitidine is its potential to form NDMA in the human body.”

The FDA noted that a person taking nitrosamines “at or below the acceptable daily intake limits” isn’t “expected to have an increased risk of cancer,” WebMD reported. But, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Valisure researchers reported that in 10,000 cancer patients, they found a link between use of ranitidine and breast, thyroid, bladder, and prostate cancers. The exact correlation is still being researched and debated, but the FDA is not expected to allow ranitidine to return to the market.

WebMD reported that a new drug, Zantac360, is free of ranitidine and has famotidine as a primary ingredient, which is also found in Pepcid.

Mathison Said He Was Covering Up Fatigue & Other Health Issues When He Was Diagnosed

Mathison told Survivornet: “I had things like severe acid reflux, fatigue that I was covering up. I didn’t know that I was wreaking havoc on a lot of my hormones and cortisone levels, all those things because I was jacking up on coffee to overcome the fatigue. I was not getting enough sleep. I took pride in only needing five hours of sleep and working like a madman. All these things over time are going to wear you down.”

He said that when he noticed something was off with his body, he began doing regular blood work, hormone tests, and the like. He said he’s thankful that when he got the MRI and then had the surgery, his cancer hadn’t spread and he didn’t need radiation or chemotherapy.

He was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. He had surgery in October 2019, ET Canada reported, and they had to remove part of his right kidney in order to remove the tumor, but they were able to leave most of the kidney. By November 2019, Mathison told Closer Weekly that he was already close to feeling 100% physically, and only still felt tired. He’s been cancer-free ever since.

Mathison shared in an Instagram post in October that his two-year cancer checkup came back clear.

He told Survivornet that he’s taking better care of himself now, and trying to meditate in the mornings and before he goes to sleep and take more breaks during the day.

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