Candace Cameron Bure: ‘Very Possible’ Aurora Teagarden May Move to GAF

Aurora Teagarden

Crown Media Aurora Teagarden

While Hallmark fans turn their attention to new Christmas movies that will be premiering starting in October, news about a favorite mystery series has quietly surfaced. In a recent interview, Candace Cameron Bure hinted that there was a possibility her “Aurora Teagarden” series might move to Great American Family one day.

Bure & Bill Abbott Hinted at a Possible Move for the Popular Mystery Series

In an interview with Variety, both Bure and Bill Abbott said they hoped that the “Aurora Teagarden” mystery series might move to Great American Family (GAF) one day in the future. The series has previously aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Abbott is the former CEO of the Hallmark Channel and is now the head of Great American Media and its two networks: Great American Family and Great American Living.

Abbott told Variety: “The world that she created around Aurora Teagarden was something very special, and certainly something we would love nothing more than to do more of.”

Bure added: “It’s about putting puzzle pieces together, but it’s very possible.”

In a separate interview with Variety, Bure expanded on her answer, saying: “It’s open. It’s definitely something we would like to revisit for Great American Family. It’s about putting puzzle pieces together, but it’s very possible.”

Hallmark stopped making the “Aurora Teagarden” series after Bure left the network to join Great American Media in an executive role. When Bure first announced her new contract with Great American Media, an unnamed representative of Crown Media (now Hallmark Media) told Us Weekly that while existing “Aurora Teagarden” movies will still air, they had “no plans for new ones.”

At the same time, Variety reported that “multiple sources” told them there were no new plans for any additional “Aurora Teagarden” films.

Hallmark has not officially announced that the series is canceled, and Bure’s interview with Variety is one of the first times she’s talked about the series since leaving Hallmark. The only official statement Hallmark Media made was telling Variety: “Crown Media has enjoyed over 10 years of collaboration with Candace. We respect her decision and thank her for her many contributions.”

Bure Has Taken on an Executive Role with Great American Media

Bure’s contract is about more than starring in Great American Family movies. She’s taken on an executive role with the company.

When Bure first announced her contract, a GAF press release described Bure as taking on “a prominent executive role at the company to oversee and curate programming for the networks as a whole.” A big part of her role involved creating “year-round seasonal celebration content for the networks” along with playing “a key role in the company’s annual Great American Christmas franchise.”

When Heavy reached out to Great American Media to confirm whether or not Bure’s contract was exclusive, a representative told Heavy that Bure’s executive role involving curating content was the most important part of her announcement.

In contrast, Danica McKellar has an exclusive contract with GAC Media that covers rom-com movies and holiday movies. As Heavy previously reported, McKellar has said that she would be happy to return to Hallmark to make more “MatchMaker Mystery” movies if they wanted her.

When she was asked about her mystery movies on Twitter, McKellar wrote, “They decided to stop making them last summer, along with many others! 🤷‍♀️ Let them know how you feel; I’d love to make more mysteries – alot of us would. 🤗.”

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