Candace Cameron Bure Claps Back at Rumors She Posted an Illuminati Sign

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Candace Cameron Bure recently clapped back at Instagram followers who claimed Niall Matter was making a secret “Illuminati” sign in one of their “Aurora Teagarden” behind-the-scenes photos. The popular Hallmark series is debuting a new movie this Sunday.

Commenters Claimed Niall Matter Was Making an ‘Illuminati’ Sign, Which Bure Said Was ‘Garbage’

Bure shared a photo of Matter hiding his face while showing the wedding ring his character, Nick, is wearing in the upcoming “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” movie.

Some commenters were quick to share that they thought Matter was making the sign of the Illuminati eye, since his left hand was positioned in such a way to hide all of his face but his eye. One person, for example, simply wrote: “The Illuminati eye.”


Another commenter replied: “Nice to see others waking up.”

But Bure was not going to let those comments slide. One person wrote: “Inverted pyramid and the satanic one eye. All Hollywood is OWNED.”

Bure replied: “Oh, that is such garbage!!!! Stop with the conspiracy theories.”


Danica McKellar joined in, sharing that Matter often hides his face in photos. She wrote: “And congrats on getting even a bit of Niall’s face in a picture!”


And Lexa Doig, who also stars in the “Aurora Teagarden” series, made a joke about why Matter’s hand was in that position.

She wrote: “Little known fact: Niall can’t separate his ring finger from his middle finger as a result of a traumatic accident involving a beaver and a hockey stick. It is known.”

Bure replied, “you slay me 😂😂😂.”


Bure Added That Anyone Who Follows Her Would Know There’s No Symbolism

But some viewers simply would not let the rumor go, so Bure had to address it even more.

One person wrote about Matter’s pose, in a series of posts: “It’s not just a random hand sign. It has meaning… It’s an odd coincidence if not. Very odd. People just don’t understand the language of symbology…  I been a fan for years as well. Just a weird pose for a photo. Probably innocent. Just very very odd symbology.”

Bure wrote a long post in response.


Bure wrote to one person: “there’s no symbolism. If you actually followed me, you’d know that Niall Matter doesn’t have social media and teases to hide every time I take a picture of him for it. And here he’s showing the wedding ring- because it’s a movie about getting married!! I have no idea if that Hollywood crap is real but it’s not something I partake in, nor Niall. Stop making something out of an innocent and fun on set photo.”

Another commenter wrote to Bure: “Candace at least acknowledge it’s true, it doesn’t mean you are representing here but it has been so highly exposed your response is disrespectful.”


Bure clapped back: “Disrespectful? Why would I acknowledge something I’ve never seen for myself in Hollywood other than reading about it online as a conspiracy theory?”

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