Candace Cameron Bure Reacts to Package: ‘Weird Timing?’

Candace Cameron Bure

Getty Candace Cameron Bure smiles at an event.

GAC Media and Hallmark entertainer Candace Cameron Bure could not help but share a rather strange, but fairly comical, experience with her Instagram fans on August 4. It has been a busy week for the “Fuller House” star, especially given some online drama related to “So You Think You Can Dance?” judge JoJo Siwa demanding her attention. When Bure took a moment to open a package she had just received, the contents surprised her so much she did not even know how to react. Her fans will certainly not want to miss this wild moment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bure Had Not Expected This

In a short string of Instagram stories, Bure laid the groundwork and then sprung a surprise on her fans. It seemed she started out by saying, “I just found this really funny,” as she filmed in her garage. The GAC Family star was laughing as she tried to tell everybody what happened, and she covered her mouth with her hand at one point as she tried to regather her composure. She was not all that successful, though. She sniffled and took a deep breath, before continuing to explain what had her in such a state. “There’s a PR company that sent me a gift,” Bure continued, her voice actually cracking at one point.

Bure then turned the camera to show part of the box she had opened. A card from Michele Marie PR was on top of some filler and it read, “Candace – Hope you love this JoJo Siwa x @DiamondArtClub gift! Xx Diamond Art Club.” Bure then swung the camera to show what was in the box.

As the note detailed, it was a Diamond Art Kit with a JoJo Siwa theme. According to the Diamond Art Club website, this project is the “Shine Your Light” kit, which has a 22-inch by 22-inch canvas and nearly 40,000 diamonds in more than 30 colors. The kit was originally released in May and has received several rave reviews on the site. The end project reveals an incredibly sparkly and pink Siwa with what used to be her signature side ponytail.

She Already Has Plans for Enjoying This Surprise Gift

In the third Instagram story Bure shared, the “Fuller House” star held the box containing the kit up next to her face and smiled. She shrugged her shoulders and asked, “Coincidence? Just weird timing? I don’t know.” Bure then added, “But it looks really cute, and when one of my goddaughters comes over, we are gonna do this.”

Bure was working hard to hold back tears at this point, her eyes on the brink of letting them flow down her cheeks. She managed to avoid actually crying or full-out laughing, although it was clear she was very close to doing both of those things. In addition, she did not take any digs at Siwa or specifically mention the drama that developed previously. Bure definitely got a good chuckle out of this surprise package, though, and seemed to do her best to make light of it despite the stress the Siwa situation caused her earlier in the week.

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