Candace Cameron Bure Shares Why Her Heart Is Broken

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In a recent Instagram story, Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure opened up about why her heart is broken. Through tears, she shared what was on her mind with her followers.

She Said Her Heart Was Broken Over the People Killed in Afghanistan


Bure opened up, crying on her Instagram story about how her heart is broken because of the people killed in Afghanistan.

She shared with her fans:

I keep debating if I should post anything, but I just wanted to because I’m always so happy on Instagram, and I just wanted to show you my own humanity of how heavy my heart is. I just keep thinking about all the faces of those military and servicemen that have died, and the people of Afghanistan and all the Americans. And it’s so hard to look at.


She continued:

As a momma, as an American and as a momma, I am just mourning the loss of all of those people, and my heart just breaks.

She then talked about her faith, which gives her strength, and said she had to talk about her beliefs with her fans. She said everything was hitting her especially hard because she was leaving on a trip and would be away from her family for a while.


She said:

I collected myself, but I’m packing for a trip today. I’m leaving, I’m leaving again for a while, and it just… All my emotions just hit me today and all I can think about is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with all of you. And I so desperately want you to know Jesus if you don’t because Jesus gave us good news. It’s salvation for every one of us. And there might be some of you thinking, you know, your religion is for you and keep it to yourself. But as a believer, as a Christian, as someone who believes in the word of God, the Bible, if I didn’t share the good news with you, that Jesus paid the penalty for your sin, that you are redeemed… You are justified before God when you meet Him on the day you die. If I didn’t share that good news with you, I would be the biggest hypocrite of a Christian because God tells us to go share the good news with everyone, with all mankind… God loves you where you are at. No matter what.

Then she read John 3:16-17 on her Instagram story.


Earlier in the day she had shared a lighthearted photo with her fans, letting them know that she was packing and getting ready for a trip. But she later told her fans that she had to be authentic sometimes and reveal when she’s not feeling happy too.


Other Hallmark Stars Are Sharing About Afghanistan

Bure’s not the only Hallmark star talking about how tough the latest news has been about Afghanistan. Lacey Chabert posted two Instagram stories, one asking for prayers.



Erin Cahill also posted an Instagram story about what happened, remembering the lives of those who were lost.


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