Candace Cameron Bure Goes Bold & Asks ‘Did You Expect Anything Less?’

Candace Cameron Bure

Getty Candace Cameron Bure attends Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards.

Hallmark and GAC Family star Candace Cameron Bure was excited to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, and she shared it all via her Instagram page. Her celebration style reminded her of her “Fuller House” character, and it looked as if many of her fans agreed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bure Was Decked Out in Red, White, and Blue From Head to Toe

An Instagram post shared by Bure showed her all dolled up, ready for the Fourth of July celebrations. She wore a red T-shirt that had “God Bless America” printed on it, and a bulky necklace with red, white, and blue star lights hung around her neck. The “Full House” star wore a blue baseball cap that appeared to be embroidered with the phrase “God So Good,” and she added a tiara, of sorts, of additional red, white, and blue stars, on top of the cap. A holiday-inspired ribbon served as a belt around her denim shorts, and her sneakers were red, white, and blue as well. The entertainer even wore a bright red color on her lips and red polish on her fingernails.

“I mean, come on, did you expect anything less from me?” Bure questioned in the video, as she filmed the short video to give her fans a glimpse of her patriotic ensemble. Her caption read, “Tell me you’re DJ Tanner without saying you’re DJ Tanner” and she wished everybody a happy holiday.

The reference to her “Full House” and “Fuller House” character went over well with her fans. “DJ is the best character in full house,” one person commented. Another wrote, “Oh mylanta!,” referencing a phrase frequently used in the series. “Have mercy dj” popped up in another comment, which was another show-related reference.

Not Everybody Was Impressed by Bure’s Enthusiasm

It appeared most of the comments on Bure’s post were from people excitedly gushing over her as well as her holiday-inspired ensemble. “SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE!!!” noted one fan, as another admitted they expected “Nothing less,” adding, “you are so cute and funny!”

At least a handful of the comments were more critical of Bure and her celebratory mood, though. “Of course you would be celebrating today,” one person wrote, as another replied, “my thought exactly!” Those comments seemed to be a reference to the Roe vs. Wade decision that recently came from the Supreme Court, and that particular thread in the comments section got heated as people with opposing views engaged with one another.

“Smh! You are really ignorant of what’s happening in this world,” commented another critic, referencing both the Roe vs. Wade decision and the Highland Park, Illinois parade shooting. “I love you but come on,” that fan continued. “I would absolutely not celebrate July 4th living in America and Candace is constantly showing off her life and it’s cheesey [sic] and unrealistic,” read another comment, as someone replied in the same thread admitting, “I personally did not celebrate it. And this tiktok makes me sick.” Bure did not appear to engage with those criticizing her joyous approach to celebrating the Fourth of July this year.

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