Candace Cameron Bure to Social Media Critics: ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’

Getty Candace Cameron Bure attends the World Premiere of "Aladdin" in 2019.

Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure recently got very frank about social media followers who spend a lot of time criticizing her decisions and posts. “Keep your mouth shut,” she advised them, while also encouraging them to just scroll on rather than engaging.

Candace Cameron Bure Is Advising Followers to ‘Scroll On’ If They Don’t Like What They See

Bure has had to deal with a lot of criticism from social media followers recently. At Christmas time, some even left hurtful comments about her family and children after she posted a Christmas photo on her Instagram account. You can see the photo above.

In an interview with E! News, Bure said she just wants them to keep their mouth shut and scroll on if they don’t like what they see.

She told E! News: “You know, people forget that—yes, I’m a celebrity—but I’m a real person. I was simply sharing a family Christmas card. And it’s so strange to me that people have the audacity to write horrible and negative comments. Like, you would never say that to someone’s face…”

She said she wants her followers to remember that she’s a real person too.

She said, “It was more about a reminder, like, I’m sharing the best of what I believe my family is on a Christmas card, so keep your mouth shut. If you don’t like it, just scroll on.”

In December, she also addressed the criticism right on her Instagram page, writing: “Wow- I post a family photo and you all find everything you don’t like about it or can make fun of. Do better than that. Please.”

Bure then took to Facebook with a longer response to the comments about her family photo in early January.

She wrote, in part: “Do you think it’s funny to criticize someone’s children? To make jokes about them? To critique our poses? The direction in which we are looking? Our physical appearance and facial expressions? I wished blessings upon everyone as I shared it in the spirit of a happy new year, yet so many of you came back with jokes about our appearance and criticism of what you thought would have been a better photo. Shame on you. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 90 years old, rude is rude. Be better than that.”

Bure Has Faced Social Media Criticism Before

Candace Cameron Bure

GettyCandace Cameron Bure attends Hallmark Channel And Hallmark Movies And Mysteries 2019.

Candace Cameron Bure has faced social media criticism before. When her brother, Kirk Cameron, hosted caroling events in California, she faced criticism even though she didn’t attend, and she advised people to engage in respectful dialogue.

At the time she told fans: “I did not attend any recent caroling events. Also, I choose to follow the greater guidelines by wearing a mask and social distance when I’m in public. However, I don’t appreciate the vile tweets about my family. I believe respectful dialogue is the key to being heard. Stay safe.” 

InstagramCandace Cameron Bure on Instagram

More recently, she faced criticism on social media for the people she follows on Instagram.

In an Instagram Story about the complaints, Bure said, in part: “It’s always strange to me because I follow a very broad range of people—politically, within my work industry and then personal friends and things I like. But a follow does not mean an endorsement. A follow does not mean I agree with everything they say and do. It just means I follow a broad range of people so that I have perspective.” (You can read her full response in Heavy’s story here.)

She’s certainly not immune to stress. In November, she shared that while quarantining before a movie, she found herself “bawling her eyes out” during an exercise.

She said in an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show: “I go a little bit stir crazy… It’s very rainy and gray here. And so I’ve been working out a lot… And there’s a Peloton in this house that we’re staying in, and I got on for a workout and had no idea what hit me, but I bawled my eyes out during this workout… I think it’s just the gray up here, and missing my family, and being in quarantine, you go a little stir crazy. And it was like this flood of emotional release, which was great. I felt a whole lot better after it.”

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