Candace Cameron Bure Says It’s ‘Wise’ of Parents to Check Kids’ Phones

Candace Cameron Bure kids

Getty Candace Cameron Bure has some firm parenting dos and donts for her three children.

Hallmark actress and mother-of-three Candace Cameron Bure says parents who are paying their children’s phone bills can, and probably should, check up on their kid’s cell phone activities.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Bure expressed that she herself did as much when she was paying her kids’ phone bills. “It’s wise on the parents’ part. There’s just a lot of stuff on there that they can get into that they probably shouldn’t,” she told the outlet.

Bure says the checking in isn’t about embarrassing the kids, it’s “just to keep them on track, on the right track.” She added that parents should no longer monitor their kid’s phone activity once they are independent enough to pay their own phone bills.

Bure is also in favor of parents using technology to track their kids’ whereabouts. “You always want to know if your kids are safe. That is a good use of technology,” she told Us Weekly.

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Bure Shared Some Other Parenting Dos and Dont’s

Although Bure’s oldest daughter Natasha moved out in May, she recently welcomed her youngest son Maksim home. Maks recently graduated from NorthStar Christian Academy in Minnesota.

Although two of her children live on their own, Bure is still very much involved in their lives. She shared some parenting philosophies in an interview with Us Weekly.

The Hallmark actress says parents reserve the right to give their children unsolicited advice. She also says that although she’s fine with her daughter Natasha borrowing her clothes, she doesn’t borrow from Natasha.

“I don’t think the mom should borrow the daughter’s clothes because they’re probably a little too short and a little too tight. Probably not what we moms should be wearing,” said Bure.

As for whether the “Full House” star would let her children watch reruns of the hit 90’s sitcom and make fun of her? Bure says yes. “That’s what makes you a good mom is if you let your kids make fun of you.”

Bure’s Own Dad Is a “Big Softy”

In an Instagram post commemorating Father’s Day, Bure wrote that her dad will “drop anything he’s doing for us kids, our mom, and his friends.” She also shared that her father is “a big softy” who “cries a lot because he’s so appreciative of life and God’s blessings.”

The Hallmark actress is outspoken about her Christian faith, but she didn’t grow up going to church. According to the bio on her website, she wasn’t baptized until age twelve.

“It wasn’t until my parents hit a hard place in their marriage that the four of us kids found ourselves in church,” Bure writes on her website, referring to her and her three siblings. Her brother Kirk Cameron is also an actor, best known for playing Mike Seaver on “Growing Pains.

Bure’s Father’s Day Instagram post also included a video of her father reading a card she had given him. “I don’t get him sentimental cards cause I know he’ll cry so I just get him funny ones,” the actress says in the video.

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