Candace Cameron Bure Gets Real on Where Her Marriage Stands

Candace Cameron Bure

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Candace Cameron Bure recently opened up about just how much her marriage has been tested during the pandemic. The Hallmark star acknowledged that early on during the lockdown, things got “really hairy” but they worked through it together.

‘It Got Really Hairy After the First Few Months,’ She Said

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Bure shared that things with her husband, Valeri Bure, got pretty difficult during the first few months of their pandemic lockdown. But they were able to work through it all together as a family.

“It got really hairy after the first few months, like bad,” she shared. “All the things that we have avoided for years talking about, they all surfaced and they were in our face and it was unavoidable to actually have these discussions with one another and work through the real deal crap.”

Bure shared that her children really helped her and her husband get through the tough time, and they’ve all become closer as a result.

“My children were the biggest influence in helping my husband and me work through it,” Bure said. “And since then, the relationship has grown even closer and tighter. There’s always hills and valleys, no matter what. But when you come out of the valley, it is like, hallelujah. You feel like you can accomplish anything. And that’s what this pandemic felt like.”

She said her daughter had gotten her own place but then moved back home during the pandemic so they could all be close to each other.

She & Her Husband Used to Travel A Lot, But Spent More Time Together While in Quarantine

Bure previously told Us Magazine that she and her husband were spending more time together while in quarantine, while they used to travel more often. It was a “make us or break us” moment, and she said they ultimately grew closer as a result of the pandemic. Before the pandemic there were like “two ships passing in the night,” but now they’re much more in sync.

She told Us Magazine:

I’ll be honest because we try. We both travel so much. So we were like, ‘This might be the most amount of time we’ve actually spent together in years. This is either going to make us or break us.’ And you know what? It’s made us… I’m really grateful that it’s the one thing that I can look at 2020 — as crazy as this year has been and difficult — and I’m so grateful for my family time because I’ve reevaluated my work schedule, the time that I’m away from my family, and realized that that was not a good balance for me. So I’m thankful that it happened in that way because it’s made our relationship stronger.

Bure told Yahoo! Lifestyle that her entire family was spending more time together due to the pandemic, including cooking together. She said she was worried about how the timing of the pandemic would affect her children’s pivotal years of graduating high school or being in college, but they’re navigating things well.

“We cooked almost every meal at home during the pandemic,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle. “We kind of went through the pages of a cookbook and cooked something new every day. And that was really fun, and fun to do together as a family. And then also playing board games and cards. They’ll go down as some of the best and most fun memories with my family.”

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