Candace Cameron Bure Reveals When Aurora Teagarden Is Getting Married

Crown Media Aurora and Nick on Hallmark.

On her Instagram Story, Candace Cameron Bure revealed when her beloved Hallmark character, Aurora Teagarden, will finally be marrying fiance Nick (or at the very least, when their wedding day is taking place.) The wedding is happening very soon, according to Bure’s post.

This article will have minor spoilers for the new Aurora Teagarden movie, How to Con a Con, premiering in March, along with minor spoilers for the movie airing right after it.

Roe Is Getting Married in the 16th ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Movie

Bure dropped the tantalizing hint in an Instagram Story on February 18, while filming for the last day of Aurora Teagarden #16.

She said on her video, “What is happening right now? So much snow!”

The video was captioned: “Why is it snowing on Aurora’s wedding day?”


On that same day, she also shared on her Instagram Story that it was her final day filming a new Aurora Teagarden movie, which will be movie #16 in the series.


And in just a few weeks, they will begin filming movie #17, she added.

From all these clues, we can conclude that Roe is not getting married in movie #15, How to Con a Con, which premieres March 14, 2021. That movie has already finished filming. According to IMDb, principal photography was completed for movie #15, How to Con a Con, in November 2020.

When Bure shared a post about Roe’s wedding day, she was working on the last day of filming for movie #16.

Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Aurora Teagarden’ #16

Based on what Bure has shared on her social media accounts and other sources, this is what we know so far about Aurora Teagarden‘s sixteenth movie, which appears to also be the movie where Roe finally marries Nick (or at the very least, when their wedding day happens. Not all fans think they’ll actually get married.)

IMDb refers to this movie as premiering sometime in 2021 and the current title is Cold Feet and a Cold Case. The title fits in well with a movie where Roe is getting married. Maybe she’ll get cold feet before her wedding. On January 18, IMDb listed the movie as being in pre-production and tentatively slated to premiere on June 14. Martin Wood is the director.

Bure shared this photo during filming and confirmed that Cold Feet and a Cold Case is the title for Aurora Teagarden‘s 16th movie.

She shared a few additional behind-the-scenes photos, including this one.

And this picture:

Bure Shared a Church Photo, But Not All Fans Believe Roe Will Actually Get Married

Perhaps most intriguing to Aurora Teagarden fans is this photo that was shared on the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Instagram page. It shows a church scene in the 16th movie. Perhaps this is where Roe and Nick will get married?

The caption reads: “In a church. Hmmmm …. 🤔 What’s going to happen here?”

One fan guessed that they would find a dead body under one of the pews. Another fan wrote: “Auroras wedding!” Several fans then chimed in to guess that this is where Aurora and Nick will be getting married.

One fan wrote: “I hope it’s Nick and Aurora’s wedding 😍😍😍”

And another fan wrote: “Aurora and Nicks wedding. So excited.”

But not all fans agreed. One fan wrote: “Not nearly enough people for a wedding!”

Another fan chimed in, “Not a wedding!”

One fan wondered if Martin would come back to the show (played by Yannick Bison) and cause problems for Roe. But this was based on a misunderstanding of a tag on Instagram. One fan wrote, “she tagged him (Martin) in the episode airing in March and the one they are shooting right now so I was thinking they were bringing him back to possibly interfere with the wedding. I don’t want it to be true either but with listing cold feet in the new title, I just thought it could be a possibilty.”

But another fan responded: “she has tagged Martin Wood, who I believe she said was a director (?), she has not tagged Yannick Bisson who played the character Martin Bartell.”

It looks like wedding bells are in Roe’s near future. But fans are divided on whether or not Roe is actually going to get married or if she’ll have cold feet.

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