Candace Cameron Bure Shares Update on New ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Movie

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While Hallmark has canceled a couple of mystery series recently, “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” is still going strong. Candace Cameron Bure recently revealed that she’s been busy filming the latest installment.

Bure Shared That She’s Been Filming the New Mystery Movie

She recently shared on her Instagram story (which is now deleted) that she’s been working hard on the new movie and that’s why her fans haven’t seen her on Instagram story as much recently.



She said: “We have the sunshine today in Vancouver. Anyone that lives here knows it’s been storming so much, but like this is revitalized when we finally have sun for the first time. I’ve been working on a brand new Aurora Teagarden Mystery. That’s why I haven’t been on story that much for the past few weeks, because I’m working hard. But I’m so happy, I’m so happy!”


She then talked about the shirt she was wearing and said, “Also, shout out to the light blonde for my sweatshirt. ‘Heavy on the thank you God.’ I just love this. And that’s how I feel about the sun today. Thank you God!”


Bure also shared that she and Marilu Henner visited a Christmas market in Vancouver while they were filming.

A fan replied, “Does this mean you are filming for Aurora Teagarden?!” And Bure answered, “yes!”

Another fan commented that it was the first picture she’d seen of the two of them on this trip and wondered if they were roommates again during filming. Bure replied, “we are! Just been too busy working to post.”

Lexa Doig, who also stars in the “Aurora Teagarden” series, wrote: “Oh I love you ladies ❤️❤️❤️.” One fan said they hope she’s in the movie, but she didn’t reply to confirm whether she will be in the newest installment or not.

In November, posts were shared online indicating that casting had started for the new movie. According to a casting post, the synopsis reads: “When Aurora’s mother purchases an infamous ‘haunted’ house to flip, it resurrects a decades-old unsolved murder.”

ACFC’s listing noted that the movie’s name is currently “Haunted By Murder” and filming is expected to wrap by December 11. So Bure and the others won’t be filming the movie over Christmas.

A release date for the movie is not yet available. The movie’s name might also change by the time it’s released on TV.

Bure Says Her Family Is Planning a Nontraditional Christmas

Bure will be done filming in time for Christmas. She told Us Magazine that her family is planning a nontraditional Christmas this year. Instead of enjoying a wintery, cold Christmas, they’ll be enjoying the holiday on the beach.

She told Us Magazine: “I’m super excited that we’re all going to be together. My son in college is coming home for a couple of weeks and my son that lives up north is coming home. But then we’re actually going on a trip together, the five of us, and we are doing the antithesis of a Hallmark movie. We are going to the beach. So we’re going to just spend a little time in Miami and enjoy some sunshine and the ocean spray. I can’t wait.”

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