Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Surprising Secret to Staying Warm on Cold Sets

Getty Candace Cameron Bure arrives at the Los Angeles special screening of Hallmark Channel's "A Christmas Love Story" in 2019.

Candace Cameron Bure recently shared a lighthearted Instagram Story about what it’s like trying to stay warm while filming a Hallmark movie. She said that she has some secrets you might not notice while watching her movies.

She Shared Her Secret to Staying Warm on an Instagram Story


In an Instagram Story video, Bure shared her secret to staying really warm when it’s cold outside during an Aurora Teagarden film shoot. She said that on a recent day in February, they had filmed outside when it was raining, but they were supposed to act like it wasn’t raining. She was bundled up in a cute coat, but had to do a little extra to stay warm.


“We’re in the rain, shooting outside, pretending like it’s not raining,” she said. “I have a really cute outfit on. But, let me just show you how it goes.”

First she showed that she was wearing a really cute coat with glittery thread and a sweater and thick skirt underneath. “So cute, right?” she exclaimed for the video.

She revealed that she had three layers underneath, but her true secret was revealed when she stepped back from the camera to show her full-body pose. She was wearing thick pants and boots under her cute skirt and sweater.


“And pants,” she revealed. “And my Blundstones. Cuz I’m freezing. So we dress all bundled up. And then, you know, when you see the long shots, I’ll take the pants off and put the cute shoes on…”

She Also Wears Layers Under Her Coat & a Heat Pack to Stay Warm


Then she also showed that she was wearing four layers underneath her short-sleeved sweater and a heating pack on her back.

“I’m such a Southern California girl,” she joked. “It’s not even that cold in Vancouver… but when you’re standing out in the freezing rain and then that chill gets in your bones, it does get really cold.”

Bure has to deal with a lot of weather extremes whenever she’s filming for Hallmark. Her Aurora Teagarden movie required filming in the cold rain, but she’s also filmed Hallmark Christmas movies that were shot when it was really hot outside and they had to all pretend to be cold.

In 2019, Bure told Good Housekeeping that Christmas Hallmark movies are especially hard to make, especially when they have to pretend it’s cold and wintry outside when it’s actually really hot. Many Hallmark Christmas movies are filmed in the spring or summer.

It takes a toll on you to film in this heat. Not only are you sweating, but you have to act like you’re cold, which takes another element of your energy to pretend that you’re shivering instead of just naturally shivering.

Filming a Christmas movie in warm temperatures is a reality for many Hallmark movies, not just the ones Bure stars in. And sometimes it truly can get uncomfortable.

The fan-favorite Holly & Ivy was filmed in Utah when it was 100 degrees. Janel Parrish wrote on her Instagram when the movie wrapped in early August: “Y’all will never know the pain of shooting a Christmas movie in a garage in 100 degrees, but it was worth it. More pics soon, but we can’t wait to share this beautiful movie with you. That’s a wrap on #hollyandivy.”

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