Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Marriage Struggles on 25th Anniversary

Candace Cameron Bure and husband

Getty Candace Cameron Bure is celebrating 25 years of marriage to her husband Valeri.

Candace Cameron Bure married her Russian hockey-playing husband Valeri 25 years ago this month.

The couple shares three grown children and although they’re celebrating a quarter-century together, Bure can admit that their marriage hasn’t always been easy. Like many couples, the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown tested them.

“It got really hairy after the first few months, like bad,” Bure told Yahoo! Lifestyle in March. “All the things that we have avoided for years talking about, they all surfaced and they were in our face and it was unavoidable to actually have these discussions with one another and work through the real deal crap.”

With fewer distractions and more time at home together, Bure and her husband addressed some of their issues. The actress says she owes a lot to her kids.

“My children were the biggest influence in helping my husband and me work through it. And since then, the relationship has grown even closer and tighter. There’s always hills and valleys, no matter what. But when you come out of the valley, it is like, hallelujah. You feel like you can accomplish anything. And that’s what this pandemic felt like,” Bure told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Bure Says “It Hasn’t All Been Roses”

When the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, Us Weekly reported on a no longer public Facebook post written by Bure.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be here and love my man the way I do. But let me assure you it hasn’t been all roses the whole journey. There have been several tough years, in a row, ups and downs, bad attitudes and bad decisions, but we’ve persevered,” the Hallmark actress and mother of three wrote.

The couple celebrated their 20th anniversary at Pebble Beach resorts and will be celebrating their 25th with a getaway to South Carolina.

Bure Looks to Her Own Parents’ Marriage for Inspiration

The “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” star says her parents have shown her what a healthy marriage looks like. Not because their marriage is perfect, but because of how they handle the imperfections.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Bure said, “My parents have been such a role model for me in my own marriage. You know, you see the ups and downs…When you see people that are committed to each other to stick through those tough times and be willing to grow and learn and not walk away because that could be the easier choice, I mean, it’s incredibly inspirational.”

Bure’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2019. She told Us Weekly that the evening, which included a marriage vow renewal, was emotional. “My dad pretty much cried the entire night because he was just overwhelmed with gratitude,” Bure said.

She also shared that her parents didn’t cut their vow removal smooch too short! “Even after 50 years they never fail to give this great, fantastic kiss for everyone to see. I love that about them,” Bure said.

Bure and her husband also aren’t shy in showing long-time married couples can still be fun and flirty! After an Instagram photo of her husband cupping her breast went viral, Bure defended the post. “We have a playful, loving marriage and I think that’s why we’re still married 24 years later,” she told Fox News. “The playfulness doesn’t stop just because you’re married.”

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