Carlos PenaVega Teases Possible Return of a Hit TV Series

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Carlos PenaVega has been dropping some hints on his Instagram account that some fans believe could signal the return of a hit TV series. Fans hope the Hallmark star might be reviving his “Big Time Rush” band and the TV show with the same name. Here’s a look at the hints involving the show that have been dropped so far.

PenaVega & Other BTR Band Members Changed Their Profile Photos to Red


Carlos PenaVega was part of a band and a hugely popular TV series on Nickelodeon called “Big Time Rush.” As Michigan Daily explained, the series was created by Scott Fellows in 2009 and it was designed to try to cash in on some of the same success that fictional pop stars had enjoyed on the Disney Channel. Nickelodeon and Columbia/Epic Label Group joined forces and created the TV series that followed the story of Minnesota hockey players trying to make it big as a boy band.

Stephen Kramer Glickman played the role of the producer, Gustavo Rocque, while the boy band consisted of Kendal Schmidt as Kendall Knight, James Maslow as James Diamond, Carlos PenaVega as Carlos Garcia, and Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell. The fictional band’s 2010 album BTR even reached third in the Hot 200 and the band had a real-life tour that sold out in just days. The series (and the band) concluded in 2013.


But now fans think there may be major hints that they’re coming back in some form. On Monday, July 12, PenaVega and the other three band members all changed their Instagram profile photos to a red circle.

This was right around the same time that the official Big Time Rush Twitter account also changed its profile photo to red, Us Weekly reported.

Big Time Rush recently released all of its seasons on Netflix, which leads some to wonder if Netflix may be producing a new season or a reunion of some sort.

PenaVega Wore a Red Hat in a Video This Week & Answered Questions About It

In an Instagram video with his wife Alexa PenaVega, Carlos was wearing a red baseball cap with the word “OBEY” on it. Fans wondered if there was a secret message behind it. During the Q&A, Carlos brought up the question a couple of times.

At one point he teased:

So many people asking me what’s up with the red dot… Can’t a guy just like the color red? … How often do I wear this red hat? I lost this red hat on a rollercoaster and you (Alexa) bought me a new one. That’s how much I love this red hat. So why can’t a guy like red guys?

Later when someone asked again, he said: “What’s up with the red? I like the color red. That’s it. I love you guys.”

So it appeared that he was playing coy, but fans weren’t buying it. One fan replied, “Need that reunion tour announcement!!”

Another wrote: “why cant a guy like red?? OK CARLOS I SEE U 😑😭😂”

Another fan replied: “a guy can like red but c’mon…what’s the real reason behind the red profile pictures?”


Alex and Carlos also answered questions about whether they were returning to Hallmark. When asked when their next Hallmark movie is, Carlos said they don’t know but they would love to do another one. Alexa added that they also don’t know when their next “Picture Perfect Mysteries” movie is going to be either.

“We don’t know if it’s coming back (‘Picture Perfect Mysteries’), we don’t know if we’re coming back to Hallmark, we don’t know anything,” Carlos admitted.

They also briefly mentioned that they’re working on a book, but didn’t go into details on what it’s about.

“We were in the middle of brainstorming for this one chapter, and I was talking about Alexa, and I was like, ‘Man, I don’t think … I’ve had sleepless nights because of the baby, but never because I was actually the one feeding the baby,'” Carlos admitted. “…My wife is so incredible, she knows that I need my sleep, so she’s like, ‘I will take care of the baby all night long so you never have to do it.’ And I just want you (Alexa) to know that I love you, and your efforts do not go unnoticed.”

Alexa joked back, “When I’m extra-aged because of all these sleepless nights, you just have to still love me the same.”

Carlos joked back: “Sweetheart, it’s a balance because living with me, I keep you young.”

They added that they plan to make YouTube videos again, and they have something special planned for next year.

“We have some really cool stuff planned for next year,” Alexa said.

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