Catherine Bell Reveals When ‘Good Witch’ Is Returning

Catherine Bell as Cassie on Good Witch.

Crown Media Catherine Bell as Cassie on Good Witch.

Fans of the Hallmark Channel’s hit series Good Witch have been wondering when they can expect the show to return. The show’s October holiday special was canceled, but the actors were later able to return to film Season 7 despite the pandemic. Now Catherine Bell has revealed when we can expect to see the show on TV again.

Catherine Bell Said the New Season Will Likely Return in April 2021

While filming a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram in December, Catherine Bell took some time to answer fans’ questions about the show. She was on set and took her audience with her as she walked around, showing them the snow outside, and finally visiting both her car and her trailer to take time to answer questions.

The question was posed at about 12:18 into her Instagram video when a fan asked, “When is the new season coming out?”

Bell responded: “Usually around April. I have to say, right around there.”

You can watch the video and her response below.

Typically, the new seasons of Good Witch begin in late April or early May. Season 1 was an exception, premiering on February 28. Season 2 premiered on April 17, Season 3 premiered on April 30, and Season 4 premiered on April 29. Season 5 was supposed to premiere the first weekend in May 2019, but because parts of When Calls the Heart had to be remade due to Lori Loughlin’s exit, it was delayed. As a result, Good Witch premiered a month late on June 9 and June 10. Then Season 6 premiered on May 3. So if Season 7 premieres sometime in April (or even May if they run a little later than planned), it will be quite right on track with the show’s normal schedule.

Filming for ‘Good Witch’ Has Stayed Close to Its Normal Schedule

Bell began filming for Good Witch shortly after wrapping Meet Me at Christmas in mid-October.

Fans have gotten some great behind-the-scenes glimpses at the new season too.

They’ve been very careful with quarantining and testing to make sure everyone stays safe while filming Good Witch.

Others have also shared photos wearing masks as they film Season 7.

Kat Barrell has been sharing some behind-the-scenes moments during filming for Season 7 too.

Mark Clearview has been on the Good Witch set preparing for some magical moments.

Since Good Witch often begins filming in September or August for a new season, this year isn’t too far off the show’s typical schedule. In mid-October, Bell shared that she was back on set, filming new scenes for Cassie in Season 7. Before the pandemic shutdown, Bell told Media Village that they were going to start shooting in August and the first two episodes of the new season would air as the Halloween movie. She had previously indicated that filming might start in September.

Because of the pandemic, the schedule changed a bit. But starting in October rather than August/September isn’t too far off the schedule. Bell’s Instagram post indicates that they will likely release Good Witch‘s new season close to on time, if things continue as planned.

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