Chad Michael Murray Gets Real About His Younger Years

Getty Chad Michael Murray attends the Kodak Motion Picture Awards Season Celebration on March 1, 2018.

Chad Michael Murray has starred in some very popular Hallmark movies as part of his prolific and successful career. But he doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for his younger self. He recently shared that he cringes quite a bit when he sees pictures of himself from back when he was a teen.

He Said He Thought He Was Cool, But He Wasn’t

Murray said that back in his early 20s he thought he was cool, but today he can assuredly say that he wasn’t, Page Six reported.

“I look at my photos of myself and think, ‘What a dweeb,'” he told Page Six. “He thought he was so cool!… Why wouldn’t I? I was 21 years old. I’m just a kid from Buffalo, moved out here, took a chance and I fell headfirst into it. I remember in 2005 I was standing in Times Square doing a big ball drop for ‘TRL,’ thousands of people, and you’re the one on stage. It’s a very surreal thing but how do you really decipher where you are in your life at that age? It’s just a passing moment, I think at that age you can give it too much value.”

A lot of people don’t agree with him though, judging by some recent tweets.

Many fans say that he was the king of the 2000s back in the day, which makes it funny how hard he is on himself now. Some say he hasn’t aged one day since he finished filming One Tree Hill.

Chad Michael Murray Has Appeared Frequently in Hallmark Movies

Chad Michael Murray is no stranger to Hallmark films. He starred in Road to Christmas in 2018 with Jessy Schram, Teryl Rothery, and Matreya Scarrwener.

Preview – Road to ChristmasWatch a preview for "Road to Christmas" starring Jessy Schram and Chad Michael Murray.2020-06-25T00:33:58Z

He starred in Write Before Christmas with Torrey DeVitto. The movie premiered in 2019.

Preview – Write Before Christmas Torrey DeVitto and Chad Michael Murray – Hallmark ChannelJessica sends Christmas cards to those special to her- the aunt who raised her, her brother, an aging popstar, the teacher that inspired her, and her friend that always tells the truth.

He also appeared in a Winterfest movie called Love in Winterland with Italia Ricci and Jack Turner earlier this year.

VideoVideo related to chad michael murray gets real about his younger years2020-12-14T18:51:32-05:00

He’s also appeared on episodes of Hallmark’s Home & Family.

VideoVideo related to chad michael murray gets real about his younger years2020-12-14T18:51:32-05:00

Hallmark isn’t the only channel that he stars in Christmas movies with. This year, he starred with Jessica Lowndes (who also appears in Hallmark movies) in the Lifetime film Too Close for Christmas. Murray was the executive producer for this Lifetime movie too, which he told Hollywood Life allowed him to take more ownership of his character. He said that people could really relate to the movie, being stuck in their homes during the pandemic. He said the movie felt truly organic and his character’s relationships felt authentic.

He told Hollywood Life that his faith and his family are the main reasons why he stars in family-friendly holiday movies.

“I’m a family guy. Put God and family first, that’s how we run, and these cater to that in a large way,” he said. “They’re family films.  I believe in that. It’s better than my kids going to school in the upcoming years and having their dad’s posted up someone’s locker or something like that.”

He also said that he’s open to the idea of one day starring in a film with Hilarie Burton again.

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