New Hallmark Movie Features a ‘When Calls the Heart’ Easter Egg

When Calls the Heart

YouTube Erin Krakow as Elizabeth on 'When Calls the Heart.'

Fans of the Hallmark original series “When Calls the Heart” noticed something very familiar in the new Hallmark movie “Always Amore,” which premiered on April 3.

In a scene where Tyler Hynes and Autumn Reeser’s characters are out looking for truffles, a special location featured in “When Calls the Heart” can be seen. Diehard fans of the series will recognize the spot as the bridge where Lucas and Elizabeth shared a passionate kiss. Viewers were quick to point out the Easter Egg moment on Twitter.

“I was just catching up on #AlwaysAmore (w/c was lovely btw 🥰) and spotted this #Hearties favorite. Is this the #KissingBridge or is this the KISSING BRIDGE?? Did @tyler_hynes & @autumnreeser visit Hope Valley?,” one viewer tweeted.

Other viewers replied to the tweet, confirming that they’d noticed the same thing. “I noticed that IMMEDIATELY! I was like, “that’s the Kissing Bridge!”,” one Twitter user replied.

The crossover moment isn’t too surprising seeing as “Always Amore” and “When Calls the Heart” were both filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Tyler Hynes Got a Concussion While Filming ‘Always Amore’

35-year-old Tyler Hynes says he suffered an injury while filming “Always Amore”. In an interview with “Remark the Show,” Hynes revealed, “I got a concussion while making this movie in the last two days.” He wasn’t injured while filming, but while he was by himself on set.

“I’ve had some spills in my time, this one really rocked my noodle and I was out of it. … I was by myself, just head in my hand, blood in my hands,” he said. “And I was concussed and very much out of it.”

But Hynes still seems to have made some fun memories on set. “It’s a dangerous thing to let me whisper in an actor’s ear during a scene when I know the sound won’t be used…It’s even more dangerous to do that with Oscar nominated legend @pattymccormack_ 🤍,” he captioned an Instagram video of him and Patty McCormack, who plays Nonna, trying to stop laughing while filming a scene.

“This is one of my favorite memories from filming 😂😂😂,” Autumn Reeser commented on the video.

After fans replied asking Reeser to fill them in on what was so funny, she commented, “I have no idea what @tyler_hynes whispered to Patty, but the two of them were cry-laughing for the next 15 minutes. The director would call action, and they would try so hard to pull it together… but the laugh cycle would start all over again the second they caught each other’s eye. It was sheer delight to watch.”

Hynes Dedicated the Film to Those in the Hospitality Industry

The Hallmark Channel website’s synopsis of “Always Amore” reads, “as Elizabeth tries to keep her late husband’s once acclaimed restaurant afloat, she’s forced to work with a consultant to turn things around. He reignites her passion for baking and life itself.”

In an Instagram post, Hynes dedicated the movie to those working in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

“For me the film this Sunday is dedicated to everyone in the hospitality industry. The resilience & perseverance that restaurants and other businesses have faced is not lost on us. This one’s for you. 🇮🇹,” he wrote.

If you missed the April 3 premiere of “Always Amore,” catch it again on Thursday, April 7 at 5 p.m. Eastern time.

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