‘Chesapeake Shores’ Executive Producer Reveals Spinoff Movie’s Fate

Chesapeake Shores

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Back in 2019, Crown Media announced that Hallmark was working on a spinoff movie for “Chesapeake Shores.” The three O’Brien sisters were supposed to travel overseas for a wedding and filming was going to take place in Europe. But after fans got excited about the movie, nothing was ever announced about it again. Daniel Paulson, executive producer, recently revealed what happened to the mysterious movie.

The Executive Producer Said the Movie Didn’t Happen Because of the Pandemic

The movie was going to be an on-location film starring all three O’Brien sisters: Jess (Laci Mailey), Abby (Meghan Ory), and Bree (Emilie Ullerup.) In an interview with Super Channel, which airs “Chesapeake Shores” in Canada, Paulson was asked if the show might ever have a holiday movie or a special spinoff film.

Paulson said:

I’ve asked that question to Hallmark and that’s their decision. I’d be happy to do holiday or specials for them and I know ‘When Calls the Heart’ has done that. Maybe if the fans speak up and let that be known, we could do one. We talked about doing one last year, but COVID reared its ugly head. It was going to be a destination film where the three sisters would go somewhere, because they’re great together. We talked about Ireland since the family is from there and actually wrote a script. Every season we would do a different exotic location.

Fans almost got their wish and finally had a “Chesapeake Shores” movie, but the COVID-19 pandemic halted those plans. However, if fans speak up to Hallmark enough, it’s possible that Crown Media might decide to do another movie one day, Paulson explained.

The Official Facebook Page Is Still Saying They’ll Share a Release Date for the Movie When Details Are Known

While Paulson said that plans for the movie are over, the official Facebook page for the series is still saying a release date will be shared someday.

When Crown Media officially announced the movie, the company said that it was going to take place in Rome. Crown Media shared a press release about the movie in February 2019.

Michelle Vicary, who was then an executive at Crown Media before stepping down, had announced the movie in 2019. She said: “We are excited to dive deeper into [the O’Brien sisters’] roles and shed more light on each of their journeys as these women balance romance, friendship, and family.”

The synopsis for the now-canceled movie read:

With the winter weather dreary in Chesapeake Shores and their own love lives in a complicated state, Abby (Ory), Bree (Ullerup) and Jess (Mailey), adventure to Rome for the wedding of a childhood friend. While in Rome, they discover the wedding plans are in complete chaos and the bride may have a case of pre-wedding jitters because she has gone missing. In an attempt to find the bride, the O’Brien sisters scour the sites of Rome and work to create a happily ever after, while ultimately realizing the romance they each deserve back home in Chesapeake Shores.

At one point, Crown Media was so dedicated to the movie that they posted about it on their official Chesapeake Shores Facebook page.

The Facebook page wrote in April 2019: “In an upcoming spin-off movie adventure, Abby, Bree, and Jess will head to Italy to attend a friend’s wedding, where they find out the bride has gone missing!”

In answer to fans’ questions, the page said at the time that it was going to air on The Hallmark Channel. When asked when the movie was happening, the page simply wrote: “You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!”

A year later, the official account answered a fan’s question by writing: “No date for a premiere has been set but we will be sure to post it when we know.”

In September 2020, the page was still saying, “We will make an announcement when we have more information.”

Then just six weeks ago in August 2021, a fan asked about a release date again. The official account wrote: “As soon as we have more information, we will be sure to share it.”

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